Tuesday, June 28, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/day of incidents.... you just may have a laugh or two..

Today started out just like any other day, except for one incident. Okay maybe two.  I still think I missed my calling as a comedian.  I would certainly be a natural.

Well this is what happened. (the first incident) My husband and I went to WAWA. When he got out of the car, for some reason the lights near the visor wouldn't shut off. So I got out of the car to check the driver's side. But when I went to open the door, it was locked. So I went back to my side and yes you guessed it, that door was also locked.

Now what do I do. My husband was in the WAWA, and I was locked out of the car, of course my keys and pocketbook were also locked inside.... I tried not to panic, I really did... and I succeeded until my husband appeared.

I told him, we were locked out of the car. It's not my fault. I don't know what happened. And since this is a new car, well 2009, and I've only owned the car for two weeks....I'm still learning how everything works.

So now my husband is just leaning against the car. He still can't believe what happened, while I searched frantically through the book, that I managed to get out of the glove compartment, because I left my window half-way open.

I think the code numbers were somewhere in the book, but of course I was wrong. I never wrote them down.  The salesman told me that if I left my keys in the car by accident, there is a code number I can use to open my door.... Is there a genie around to grant my wish???

Then suddenly like magic, I remembered the numbers. The door opened and we were on our way.

I still don't know how both doors locked, a mystery I'm sure will never be solved. Unless it happens again, which I hope it doesn't..

Now the second incident, although not as dramatic as the first.

We were riding down the road, and suddenly my cell phone rang.  Looked inside my pocketbook, no cell phone. Yet we kept hearing it ring.  Now mind you, I wondered how my cell phone jumped out of my purse, and landed somewhere on the floor.  Since I remember putting my phone in the zipper part of my bag,

When we got to our destination. My husband got out of the car, and started looking for my phone and so did I, when suddenly I felt something in my pocket.  Yes you may laugh.  Because it was my cell phone
Funny my pocket didn't fell like it was ringing.

Needless to say I need a very long vacation. A well deserved one at that. But as reality has it, my vacation will probably turn into three or four days tops...  At least that's our goal for the summer. Or will it be the fall.... who knows, at this point, I just want a glass of wine, and forget how this day began..

So I'll mark this day, as something I don't want it to be, FOREVER YOUNG.

Monday, June 27, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/the good old delete button

The good old delete button.

When I read or type something on the computer, and I want to get rid of something, all I have to do is touch the delete button, and like magic everything disappears.

Or when I receive junk mail, and I mean junk mail, all I have to do is touch delete, and it's gone. Unfortunately, it re-appears again and again and again, and I hit the delete button, again and again and again. It's like fighting a losing battle with no winner in the end.... Because how does junk mail know, I'm deleting it every time it appears. It doesn't.

And I wish there was a delete button that would wipe away my bills, worries and frustrations.

Or a delete button that would change my mood from miserable, to happy.

Yes the good old delete button. If only I had the power to change the world with a touch of a finger.

I would delete war,  poverty unkindness and disrespect. And replace it with peace, richness, kindness. and respect.

But since my delete button doesn't have that capability, I will keep working hard, and pray that everything I mentioned above, will someday become a reality.

A big goal, but not impossible to achieve.

So for me the delete button will always be FOREVER YOUNG

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Working on a story about a past love. Well actually it was puppy love. But to a nineteen year old, it felt like the real thing. Then of course, I met my husband, and really knew the meaning of true love.

And that's about all I have to say today.  Because it's Saturday, and I'm being lazy. So hope everyone who is reading my blog, enjoys the weekend, and have lots of fun.

And thanks to all for following my blog. You just never know what I'm going to say or write about next.

For me, I'm just going to chill out and read a good book, and of course work on that story of mine.


Friday, June 24, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/my visit to the doctors

My trip to the doctors was pretty interesting. It's been some time since my last physical, It's been almost two years since my last check up. Yes I know you should go at least one year, but I just don't like going to the doctors, does anyone?

The doctor came into the room, asked some questions and then took my blood pressure, which I haven't taking medicine for in over a year, (my choice), and you know what, my blood pressure was down... My diet and eating habits have changed, which brought down my blood pressure.

Now I'm not saying no one should take blood pressure pills, Everyone's body is different..... But I decided this was best for me, since the pills were making me sick.

So now it was time for my EKG.  What do you think happened?   You'll never guess. I was all hooked up to the machine, but when the medical assistant looked at the results, it came out in a straight line. and it should have being going up and down etc...We both laughed, "Maybe I'm a robot, I said, after all robots don't have a heart." and then laughed again.

But after three more times, the results still came out in a straight line. It can only happen to me... Now I was beginning to think if I was alive or not. lol But I was still breathing, thank God.  

Finally after the fourth test, the machine finally kicked in, which re-affirmed my belief that I really do have a heart.  Although for a moment, it gave me quite a scare. I was beginning to wonder if I really existed .lol.

Therefore my heart and me will always be FOREVER YOUNG

Thursday, June 23, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/ my outing with my mom and the seniors

Had a nice day with my mom yesterday. One of her friends won a free party for ten plus guests, at Hooters, if you can believe that.

So my mom asked me to come with them. Mine you, I was the only young person on this bus other then the bus driver, who was taking us to the Trop.

It was great watching these seniors enjoy their wings and pitchers of beer, that's right beer. Even seniors drink beer especially with wings, which can make you pretty thirsty.. And they also ate onion rings and french fries.  Now that's a lot of fry foods and grease for the seniors, but at their stage in the game, so what, they enjoyed every ounce of food that came their way.

I for one just enjoyed the experience. They were funny, happy, and they had more energy then some young people I know. So being a senior is not so bad, after all it's just around the corner for me....well not just around the corner, maybe a few blocks away, okay maybe a couple of miles, but I'll be there someday and hopefully I too, will have the spunk and energy they have.  God Bless the Seniors..

Therefore that's why I'll always believe, seniors will be FOREVER YOUNG.  If not in body, then in  mind...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/another coffee story

Another coffee story.

My husband loves coffee. In fact he loves it so much, that if there's coffee left over from the night before,   he just heats it up in the microwave. ugh... I can never do that. I can't even eat leftovers from the night before. It's just something in my nature that won't allow me that luxury.  Nothing against others who do like leftovers.... my husband makes the perfect subject for that test.....

Now back to the coffee... Whenever he travels through the house, no matter what time of day, I can see coffee spots from one end of the room to the other. At least I know what direction he's heading. It's either downstairs to the basement, or out the front door. And then there's the backdoor.  But if he walks outside on our two acre property, well there you got me... he could be anywhere..

But thank goodness for Pergo floors. At least the carpet doesn't have to be cleaned everyday. And outside the grass just absorbs the coffee spills, seeping deep in the ground, invisible to the eye lol...

Still it's somewhat annoying. Especially if I just woke up and notice the spots immediately. And since I didn't have my first cup of coffee, which I so desperately need to energize my body, doesn't make for a very good re-action.

But I've endured this situation for many, many years,  So I just gently chastise my husband because it's just not worth bickering over. And frankly, I rather see those coffee spills, then not see them, just to know my husband is still around....

So coffee spills and my husband, will always be FOREVER YOUNG

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/waltzing Anna

The other day I was surfing through the free movies and came across the title Waltzing Anna. I've passed by this title many times, thinking I wouldn't like it, nothing like pre-judging.  So I decided to take a chance, and if I didn't like it, I could always click it off, like magic.  Now I know those words are in a song.

The movie was made in 2006....I  did recognized some of the older actors and actresses such as Pat Hingle and Betsy Palmer.  Thought okay, maybe it has some good moments... but for the first five minutes I didn't know if I was going to stick around, but then the story started to get interesting.

I don't want to say too much, in case you want to see the film.

It's about two doctors who take advantage of the senior medicare system, and how one doctor got caught and was sent to a nursing home to do time. Then something happened that made him question his priorities... And that's all I'm going to say, well almost. It's a love story as well.

And now why am I talking about this film. Well to begin with, it made me think about getting old, and what would happen to me. It also made me laugh, seeing the bright side of getting older, and It made me cry, because it was sentimental, and knowing that one day I will be one of them. It was a very realistic film.

And I not only watched this film once, but twice and you know what, I'm going to watch it a third time as well.  Therefore, so much for pre-judging, that will teach me.  

And an on going lesson, Never Judge a Book by its Cover..

Growing old is staying FOREVER YOUNG.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/so many things to do..

Okay there isn't much to say today. After all it is Sunday. A day to gear up your mind for the week ahead.

So many things to do and so many things to accomplish. I wonder just how much I will get done this week. I'm just tired of thinking about it. In fact, I'm tired already.

But a reality it is, and after all it is a brand new week. So who knows what's in store for me. Maybe nothing and maybe something, let's just hope it's good because honestly I can't take anymore negative energy from the outside world.

Too much negativity going on, and this brings down the energy level. Imagine if everyone generated positive energy. What do you think would happen.

Now that would be something..... so I guess this is all I have to say.

and for all you fathers out there, Happy Father's day because that will always be FOREVER YOUNG

Saturday, June 18, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/up at the crack of dawn

Saturday and looking out the window, I can't tell if the sun is going to shine or if it's going to rain or if it's just going to be an overcast day, but whatever it is, I'm up too early to care.

You would think on a Saturday I could sleep late, but no, just like any other day I'm up at the crack of dawn, and then I just remain in bed with one eye open, and the other eye closed searching through the channels on my television, as if I'm really going to watch the show. lol.  Or maybe in my other life I was a rooster... lol..

But all I really want is  to find something to watch, that would put me back in la la land... but unfortunately it never works, and finally I have to get out of bed.

Yes Saturdays, is a day when you should get the house in order. Do all that cleaning that you didn't have time for during the week. And let's not forget the pile of laundry that are just begging to be washed, so they can be placed neatly in the drawer and ready for your family to wear.

And then you finally can relax until something else catches your eye, and once again you're up and running until the job is done. But is it ever done.

No matter if your children are grown and out of the house, a woman's work is never done. You have one adult person that makes up for three or four kids. In fact, they are worst then kids. Because you can tell the kids to pick up their things and they might resent it, but in the end they do it, but a husband or boyfriend, never.

You're their personal maid.... gee I wonder how much maids get paid these days. Probably not enough...lol..

Oh well I guess for me Saturdays will never be FOREVER YOUNG.

Friday, June 17, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/Father's special day

Well it's been a slow week. And yet the weekend is already here. How do you explain that?  Where did the time go, and yet you wonder why I might say it's been a slow week.  Well it wasn't the time, it was just getting things done.  And still I haven't done all the things I wanted to do....oh well, there's always another hour, day or year, lol...

But  let's get back to the upcoming weekend, because it's not just an ordinary weekend, it's Father's Day.

Father's play a big role today in  raising a family. In fact, there are many father's who either work at home, or have been displaced from the workplace and are staying home with their children while the wife goes to work.  My how times have changed. It certainly does take two people to work today, but if
one can't, then the other has to pitch in..

Have a beautiful and wonderful weekend, because they will be your memories of tomorrow.

And for those who have lost their father's my prayers are with you, because like you, my father has passed on..

FATHER'S DAY will always be forever.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/men and women will always be....

Are there are times when you feel like screaming so loud, that you wish the whole world could hear you.

I do. Just so I can feel all that anxiety leave my body and dissipate into thin air.  And then I would like to burst out with a big laugh...... but of course everyone would think, I've lost my mind.

But the reason I would like to scream, is because, Men drive me crazy. No matter how old you are, or how long you've been married, or been together,  sometimes they just drive you absolutely nuts.

You continually ask yourself, "am I sane."   Am I a losing my grip on reality, What can I expect to happen next. Hell, does anyone want those kind of surprises. Not me..... but life is full of them...and unfortunately will always be..

So I quote the book titled, Men are from mars and woman are from Venus, or is it the other way around. lol... because I  believe from the beginning of time, men and women see life through a different looking glass.

A man might see woman as loving and caring, but very unreasonable, and a women might see a man as loving and caring, but very egotistical.

Ah, yes relationships are definitely complexed, and probably will always be, because that's what makes us different, and that's what makes the world go round...and yes I know I repeated this..

Still I wish it was perfect world, with the perfect man, and have all the perfect things in life.
Thank goodness I can still DREAM....

so for me men and women relationships will always be FOREVER YOUNG.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/my teen writing group

Well the day has come when some of my teens have graduated from High School, and will now plan their next big step, College.

I was reminded last night, how many years they've been with the group. Some for four years and others for five.  I couldn't believe it.  Where did the time go.

When I started this teen writing group,  (the writing force)I didn't know how long it would last... but it has and hopefully will continue....  because I have other teens who have been with the group for one and two years, and others just a few months.  And soon they too will graduate and go off to college, and if not college, then off to other great adventures....

I'm so happy to have  had a chance to see these young girls and boys grow into fine young adults.  I will miss them so much, and hope they stay in touch.

So congrats to my seniors.... best of luck in all you achieve....

And for me they will always be FOREVER YOUNG

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/I will always try to see the brighter side of life

I write this blog because I love to write, and I love to share my life, ideas and what I think. I want to have a blog that's lighthearted as well. I don't want a lot of drama, even though life can be that way. But we have the newspapers, tv and radio for that. You can get plenty of drama through these likely sources.

Now I know life "isn't a bowl of cherries", another saying. But you can try to make it that way, if we look at situations in an entirely different perspective. For no matter how serious something is, there is always a brighter side to it,  with an outcome you least expected.

That's what I've been telling myself all these years, and you know what, it got me through plenty of difficult and hard times, and still is today.

So for me, no matter what, I will always try to see the brighter side of life. FOREVER YOUNG.

Monday, June 13, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/Saturdays and Sundays

Woke up this morning and you know the old saying, "on the wrong side of the bed," so I'm hoping as the day progresses I'll be on the right side once again. lol.

I just don't like waking up miserable. I'm usually a happy person in the morning, and like to begin the day with a smile.

But I know it's Monday, and the ritual begins by watching and listening to the news. and how it presents itself with so much negativity. And then to top it off, you're mind just doesn't shut off by thinking of all the situations and problems, and then wonder how you will make it through the day.

And yes I know I don't have to watch the news, but unfortunately, it's a necessary evil. You need to know what is going on. You can't run away from life either.

So that's why I made a pact with myself. I don't watch the news on Saturdays and Sundays, because I want to feel free. I want to believe that nothing is wrong. And the fact that my body and mind needs a rest from all the turmoil that is going on in the world. I just want to  take a little time off, and enjoy this great life, that I was blessed with ..

"Life is beautiful" another saying.  There are many things and people in this life that are beautiful...and of course there's the beauty of nature, and the singing of birds, and most important, being with the one's you love, and that's why I've given myself permission to take two days off from the news, so I can enjoy what I have.

Therefore Saturdays and Sundays will always be FOREVER YOUNG.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/to thy own self be true

Did you ever try to juggle so many things at one time, and somehow you got lost along the way.  You lost track of time, or you forgot to do something important, because something else presented itself that needed your immediate attention.  And whatever was important to you at the time, was totally pushed aside.

And of course the old saying is, "the first thing to go is your mind," and it doesn't matter if your twenty-nine or ninety-nine. Okay there I'm exaggerating a bit, but I think you're allow to loose your mind at that age,  in fact you probably earned it...  But you get the idea.  Too many things to do, too many people wanting a piece of you, and you're only one person.

But there is another saying "To Thy Own Self Be True."  How often are we true to ourselves. The million dollar question?

So I've decided  to take a back seat  (and no, not in my car.. lol..) to re-evaluate myself and my priorities. I want to discover who I am, and what my likes and dislikes are, all over again, regardless of how much time has gone by.

Because I don't want my mind to think one way, and my heart the other way... I want to be in unison with both of these great characteristics of myself. Who knows, I might be very surprise of what I find, then again I might not be.

But another great saying, "It's never to late to learn"...

So for me discovering myself all over again, is going to be FOREVER YOUNG

Saturday, June 11, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/still making memories with my mom

Good news.  My mom's tests came back negative.  She's in better shape then I am. lol.

Not bad for a woman who will turn eighty-eight.... She has that good Italian stuff in her and stubborn as can be. And she's always right, even if she's wrong, but you got to love her.

My mom was and still is my role model. I'm strong willed because she is.
And this is a good trait to have especially when you're going through rough times, physically and mentally.

Yes my mom and I fight like mother and daughters do, but you know what, that's what makes our relationship so great. We fight. We laugh. And yes, WE sometimes have great conversations.

But you have to remember, she's from the old school, and has a remedy for everything, and I'm not just talking about medicine, but everyday problems and situations. And don't get me wrong, I do appreciate her input, except she  still thinks I'm still a little girl and can't handle things for myself, and I'm way over um um... well I'm not going to say how old I am, but I think you can guess. lol..

I'm thankful to God, she's still here to banter with, and I will always treasure the memories we are still making today.

So for me my mom will always be FOREVER YOUNG

Thursday, June 9, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/writing stands for passion

When you want your manuscript published or produced, the waiting game begins. One month turns into two, then three and then after six, you might as well say, bye, bye, their not interested.

In the meantime, your aging quickly.

And because rejection is hard to swallow, and I begin to procrastinate, and ask myself, over and over again,  "is anyone ever going to look at my material?"

But because I love to write, and it is my passion, then I will continue on this path. Unless I decide to quit. Which I don't anticipate. But  I have to admit, there are times when I just want to give up, and then I remind myself, of all the reasons why I love to write.

So, I will continue to write until I'm ninety-nine, or maybe to a hundred and nine, well that's getting a bit unrealistic, but not impossible.

Because whether it is on my blog, which actually helps me with the writing process. I will continue to develop more story lines, but mainly in my mind, because that's how it works for me. Then once I've figured out what I want to write about, then it's to the computer. Writing notes, etc. to formulate my story. . And yes, my goal is to get published, but then again, my goal is also fulfilling a need inside of me. And if I have to say, what's more important, I would say ME.

I know, in this world, there are so many gifted and talented people, trying their best, to get their work recognized. And it's sad, because some will never have that opportunity, while others will flourish in the industry.

But if they truly love to write, like I do, then they'll never stop. And they won't let anyone, or anything  stand in their way, of doing the one thing, they like to do, and that is to WRITE..

And it will be an added bonus, when one day, a letter appears in the mailbox saying, "we like to published or produce your manuscript."

So for me, writing will always be FOREVER YOUNG

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/I finally said goodbye to my car of ten years

Well I finally said goodbye to my car of ten years. It was heartbreaking.

My car became a part of my life. It went through the good and bad times with me, and vice versa.

Many times I've sat in my car and laughed, cried or just shouted out in anger or frustration.

My car was my confidante.  And my friend.

It fitted my personality. We worked well together.. But unfortunately age has finally caught up with it, and this time I couldn't put my car back together again. I really tried, but in the end it was like fighting a losing battle.

So drying my eyes, I gave my car one last look, and said goodbye. I thanked it for all the wonderful years we had together.
And now I hope this new car, will also become my loyal friend.

So for me my car will always be FOREVER YOUNG

Monday, June 6, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/the turtle in my backyard

A turtle was in my backyard. At first I was afraid. And yes I know, how can I be afraid of a little turtle, well I'm afraid of snakes too. And I didn't know if it was a snapping turtle, and didn't want it to bite me.

But of course my husband assured me, it was a box turtle, and harmless.

So it seems this turtle has become a part of our family, only it lives outside. No matter where my husband places the turtle, he or she keeps coming back. And they say turtles are slow, but I believe their faster then we think they are.  Whose fooling who?

And it seems my dogs Clyde and Ralph, are also curious about this unknown visitor, and how it landed on their turf. Yet they still welcome this turtle, and hopes he stays around to play with them for awhile. Of course they didn't tell me that, but every time I let them outside, the first thing they do is track that turtle down. And wouldn't you know it, they always seem to find him. But the turtle doesn't want any part of Clyde and Ralph, and hides his head inside his shell, whenever they get too close.

Yes this turtle has found a home, at least for now. And frankly I don't want him to leave. Now of course I'm assuming it's a he, but it could be a she and is just looking for a safe place to nest..... do turtles nest I don't know..... only time will tell.

So for me this box turtle will always be FOREVER YOUNG

Sunday, June 5, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/I would like to see

I would like to see inner beauty, instead of physical beauty.

I  would like to see good, instead of evil.

I would like to see smiles, instead of anger.

I would like to see patience, instead of impatience.

I would like to see laughter, instead of tears.

I would like to see happiness, instead of sadness.

I would like to see success then failure.

I would like to see kindness, instead of meanness.

I would like to see understanding, then misunderstanding

I would like to see knowledge instead of ignorance.

I would like to see common sense, instead of naiveness.

I would like to see compassion and warmth, instead of coldness and disinterest.

Yes I would like to see the world through rose colored glasses, but I know this is an impossible dream, my fantasy, but then again I can still hope.

So for me I would like to see, will always be FOREVER YOUNG

Saturday, June 4, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/nothing much to say today

Missed a day, and I guess that's going to happen once in a while..

And the fact that there's nothing new to report, doesn't warrant an interesting entry on my blog...

So, it's now Saturday and the sun wants to come out, but it's playing peek a boo with the clouds, so it keeps you guessing.  Will it be a sunny day?  Will it be a cloudy day?  Or will it end up being both. I choose the latter.

And now that we got the weather out of the way, for me, it's just one of those lazy days. And there's nothing much to say.

I'll end my writing now, and hopefully I'll have more to say tomorrow.   You just never know what kind of story lurks behind the mind and imagination. Reality doesn't hurt either..

Over and Out,


Thursday, June 2, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/life is full of paper

Life is full of paper, that's right, paper.

All the papers you find in your house, or office. In your pocketbook, wallet or wherever else those sneaky little papers might be hiding.

And while you're tearing up the papers you don't need, more papers pop out at you. Then suddenly you stop because you see a piece of paper you've been searching for since last week, and now that you've found it, it's too late, oh well, what's done is done..

Still you have to laugh....Because It's like the never ending story, only it's the never ending papers.

And even though we are in the computer era, and most of our work is done on the computer, what about the copies you need to make, or scan. What about the bills that keep coming in the mail, and what about the leases or loans that are made.

And yes, we know technology is great, but I believe no matter what society invents, paper will always be a necessary part of our lives, and our security. We need to feel and see what's in front of us. We need reassurance that all is the way it should be.

Paper also proves where we were born, and how old we are. and yes even the dreaded medicare card. Not to mention your social security, driver's license, and insurance card.  And let's not forget the passport, if you want to travel overseas, or the most important voter's card, to prove which party you're associated with, and last but not least the library card, which you don't need but is a must, if you want take out that book you've been waiting to read for months, because it's free.

Yes I believe paper will never disappear. And if it ever does, it will be like losing a close friend.

But who knows, years and years from now, society might decide to imprint us with a mark, to prove who, and what we are.... let's just pray and hope it never comes to that, for Freedom is not just a word, it's a Promise.

So for me, paper will always remain FOREVER YOUNG

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/my car drama continues

It's a little late for me to writing on my blog, but here it is.  I wish I had more to say then the usual nonsense, and sometimes my days are just that.  Nothing to brag about that's for sure.

My car is almost on it's last leg.  I'm just thankful I can get my car in next week for the transmission, but in the meantime every time I get into my car, I pray it keeps running until then.

And then it's on to the radiator, and finally I can breathe...

next year I see a car in the works for me, but in the meantime, I love not having a car payment.  What a relief not to have one for the last ten years....oh well, good things do come to an end, but I'm going to drag it out for as long as I can.  Do you blame me?

Okay enough about the car.

And so I will end this entry, as just one of those days after the holidays.

I really need to remember to stay FOREVER YOUNG