Thursday, April 21, 2011


Two doctor appointments this week, and two walk outs.. I guess this wasn't my week for doctors.

So I've re-schedule, and hopefully this time, all will work out fine.

and since it's late, and I can barely stay awake,  I'll just say goodnight,


FOREVER YOUNG/every morning the same routine...

Every  morning it's the same routine.  Get up, take the dogs out, feed them, and then finally get a cup of coffee.

And then  I sit down, until my dog Clyde decides he wants a treat, and not one mine you, but two or three as Ralph, patiently waits for his. And then, I  sit down again, drink my coffee, which I had to refresh by then, and try to wake up.  Didn't you know, I do all the above half asleep....

Then my next routine step.... I click on my trusty computer. I check my e-mails, which have become more like an advertising board then anything else, nothing personal anymore. It seems everyone has taken to twitter or facebook to leave their messages to let me know, they're still out there somewhere, doing something.

And by this time I'm pretty much awake, so  I begin to write in this blog of mine, and what I say could be interesting or not, depending on what pops into my brain at the moment.

After I'm finished writing, I put aside my computrer, and enjoy another cup of coffee, and this time with a half of a 100 calorie bagel, and then my day begins.... FOREVER YOUNG