Saturday, April 9, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/dream series continues

My mother was at our house. She decided to go for a walk, but never came back. Don't know why, but we weren't too concern, even though it's not like her. And her clothes and nightgown were still hanging in the room.

Now it was the next day, and still she didn't come back, and that's when I panic. I called my brother, no answer. Then I called my friend, she picked up the phone and then forgot I was there.

I really was going out of my mind.  My husband went looking for her, but no results. He called the police, and that was that.  I called my friend, and again, she left me on hold. Then somehow we all ended up at her house.

We rang the bell, she opened the door and was wearing a white slip. And then try to hold back the dog, and cat from getting out, and opened the door wider for us to come in.

Then all of a sudden another woman appeared, talking on the phone and wearing a sparkling sequin green jacket, and ironic so was my friend.    Then my friend suggested my mom might have found a companion, trying to look on the positive side of her disappearance, instead of the negative.

All the time I was at my friends, her cat, was gently brushing up against my leg.

And still I could not reach my brother. Someone had picked up the phone, and all I heard were noises in the background.  But he never answered.

the next thing I knew, I ended up at the casino, trying to find my way to my mother's apartment. I went down steps, hallways, and even outside, close to the beach.  But I couldn't get to my mom's apartment and that's when I woke up.

I had the same dream twice, because I woke up from it once, and then fell back to sleep, and dreamt it again, and then woke up, wide awake... But remembered vividly this crazy dream.

Now before I went to bed, I had a glass of wine, and an ice cream cone.  Is that the lethal combination that made me dream this crazy dream... ... Could that be the answer... who knows.......

oh well, my crazy dreams, I believe, will always continue, and they will always be FOREVER YOUNG