Sunday, April 17, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/will not always be about the weather, but.

Sunday morning, and the sun did come out today.

And I hope you don't think my blog, is all about the weather,  or he weather-man, and what the day will be like, but honestly, don't we all live by what they say.

I mean you can't plan a barbecue, a baseball game, a wedding, a race, or just going to the beach for the day, unless the weather cooperates, and if it doesn't, then last minute changes, have to be made.

Yes we rely on what the weather man says, after all, they know what's really going on, at least I hope they do..

But then again, if you ask a person who has bad knees, back or neck,  they also predict if it's going to rain,  because their muscles begin to ache, and the first thing they say, I think it's going to rain today....... I only say this, because that's what happens, whenever I'm feeling this way.

So there will be days when my blog will be about the weather, because it's been such a pain in the.... and I just thought to end this weekend, with my own explanation, of predicting the un-predictable weather.