Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/watching Julie/Julia again

I'm watching Julie and Julia, probably for the 4th or 5th time.    

Julia Child made cooking look easy, and lots of fun.  She bought the best produce and meats, and had all the time needed, to make those fantastic meals.

And I for one, might not be the best cook like Julia was, but I've done my share of making good meals. And yes, I've cooked my share of meals that wasn't up to par, but who hasn't.... right?

But let's be realistic. The average woman, after working all day, and taking care of children, just don't have time to make those fantastic meals.   Especially when the price of food is constantly rising. making it  difficult to cook those healthier, and nutritious meals.

That's why fast food places, and making quick meals for dinner, have become so popular.

And Julie, who wanted to be a writer, and became one. She Wrote her blog about her adventures in cooking from Julia Child's cookbook. Proving that she can complete something, she started. And as a writer, I can also relate to that..."It's much easier to start something, then to finish something"  And Lord knows, a writer is constantly starting over and over again.. A writer, is their own worst critic. Their work is never good enough, that's why they have to know when to let go...

Yes the film Julie/Julia is always refreshing to watch, and therefore will always be