Thursday, February 17, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/predictions

The day is supposed to be nice, but instead I woke up to a cloudy morning. But there is still hope.  The sun just might appear and the temperature will probably go up, because the prediction was 65 degrees, Spring, oh the sweet smell of Spring in the air, but I know it won't last long, after all it's still winter.

But the groundhog predicted an early spring, so I will accept that for now, he's never wrong, or at least, he has a good track record.

 But this year with the economy, and the way everyone is feeling the impact, which doesn't paint a pretty picture for most, and not to mention a winter that has been pretty strange, I hope the groundhog's prediction is right, because I think we all need an uplift in spirit.

But isn't it funny, how some of us live our life according to predictions. We dress according to the weather, and if it turns out different then what was predicted, we either under-dress or over-dress for the occasion, wondering why we weren't told , and of course blaming the weatherman for his false predictions for the day.

Or when an economic specialist predicts the economy is getting better, only to wake up the next morning and the stock market dropped considerably, and we are on a path of destruction, that is,  if something is not done quickly to turn it around.

Then doctors predict a flu epidemic, and  if you don't get a flu shot, especially the very young and old. you could be in serious trouble, so you race to your local pharmacy or doctor, who is offering the flu shot,  and you feel so much better... This is a good thing, because you don't want to stay in bed all winter with the flu.. hacking and coughing, and sharing your germs with others. Sharing is good, but sharing germs is definitely a NO NO..

And for those who read their horoscopes, and it predicts that your day or week, will be good or bad, and then you try to avoid the latter, because you don't need another bad day in your life,  because then you'll want to stay home just to avoid what might happen ...  But some horoscopes also predict your lucky numbers, giving you hope that you just might win the lottery, and you'll never have to work again. Wouldn't that be lovely...

We also have parents, who predict their child will grow up and become a lawyer, doctor, or even President of the United States, after all parents just want the best for their kids, nothing wrong with that, but in the end a parent just prays that their child makes the right choice, and one that will make them happy.

Yes predictions. life is full of them.

Oh my prediction,  you will have a great day  FOREVER YOUNG

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