Wednesday, March 21, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/my beliefs, and I will never preach....

Well I just had tell you,  that my mom received a good report from the doctor the other day. And if you believe in Saints, then please believe in St. Anthony, the saint of miracles, because I truly feel he carried my prayers to the Lord Jesus...

Yes my mother has a life threatening illness, and she is 88 years old, but age has nothing to do with a human being's life.... young or old, one should never give up hope and prayer.

And just to let you know, I will not use my blog to preach, because I believe everyone has their own way of believing, and way of living and how they conduct their own faith,  but I just had to tell you how I felt and what I believed helped me.. And of course how happy I am, at this moment.

So have a great day, and please always be FOREVER YOUNG

Saturday, March 17, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/the beauticians

Had a very bad morning.... went to take my mom to the beauty salon to get her hair washed and cut because I knew this would truly make her feel better. Of course she had to use her walker, and face mask so she didn't pick up any germs. It was the first time she's been out in public to do something for herself, besides going to the doctors,  and food shopping, which can be stressful in itself.  

But when we walked into the salon, in the mall, there was only one beautician, and two people, one woman, who was almost finished, and a young man, waiting for a haircut.

It was then the beautician asked if she could help us, and I said, "I would like to get a wash and haircut for my mom. She told me there would be a wait, and I said that's okay we'll wait.

And then  I asked if she was the only one, and she said yes, and then asked her where the owner was, and again she responded by saying she wouldn't be in today.  And that's when she said, she was already stressed out.

So when I said again, that we would wait, the beautician seemed to get annoyed, and kept insisting she didn't know how long we would have to wait.  But  I said, we drove a long way to get here, and I couldn't have my mother walk around the mall in her condition..  And in return, this beautician showed absolutely no empathy or compassion whatsoever.    She just didn't want to accept the fact, that we didn't mine waiting.

She kept saying  it could be sometime, before she could take my mom.  And that's when I got annoyed and shouted "are you refusing my mother to get a haircut and wash, and of course she denied this, but again repeated that it would be a while, and I in turn said that's okay, I'll wait, and then said to her, that she only has two people, but of course she responded quickly, by saying she had another appt. coming in,

I in turn said again, that we would wait, which seemed to really upset her now, and again asked if she was refusing to take care of my mom,  and she sarcastically responded, if you want to wait then fine, but again started making excuses.   Maybe she just didn't want to cut  and wash my mom's hair because of her disability..

It was then the beautician, went back to taking care of the other woman,   ignoring us, and that's when  I suggested to my mom, to go to another salon, where they also take walk-ins. But my mom decided to  asked the beautician one last time, " how long will it be"?

The beautician completely ignored her, and now I was annoyed, and shouted, excuse me, but my mom is asking you a question.  that's when she lashed back at me, and said she wasn't paying attention to her, but to me, and threatened to call security, if I didn't leave the premises, and I said, I will call the owner, and with that, I left.

Now if my mom wasn't in the shape she was, I would have stayed and waited for the security officer or call one myself, so I could tell him, this beautician wouldn't let us wait, and kept making excuses for us not to wait and that's how this confrontation began.....

And after all, she asked me, if she could help us.  And it is a business, in a mall, where people on a whim, go and get their hair cut etc....

So you see the day started out badly, but in the end, I took my mom to another salon, where we were treated nicely, and my mom was taken immediately.

The beautician did a beautiful job on her hair.  And mom never looked better,   And that made me feel much better.

And therefore, I've learned my lesson for the day.  If someone doesn't want to take care of you, it's their lost, not mine... I can't prove it was discrimination, or not, but this beautician ought to think twice about the field she's in, because even though she was stressed out, and I completely understand that, she shouldn't  have reacted in the manner she did, very unprofessional.  And because of that she's lost business for herself, and for the salon.


Friday, March 16, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/just chit-chat...and rambling on

Finally broke down, and bought another cell phone, not one on contract, don't ever want that. But I did get a card with unlimited calling and texting, so I don't have to be concern about the minutes. At least it's better then paying 80.00 a month for a certain amount of minutes, don't you agree?

It's been another hectic week going to doctors with my mom, but I' m very fortunate to have her still with us.... she's such a feisty woman, that I believe nothing can stop her... for 88 years young, she is a walking miracle, and who says there aren't miracles in this world.  If we all look close enough, I believe there is one everyday.. And I'm saying this for my own benefit, because as a human,  I have my doubts as well, and always forget to look right in front of me, or to  leave destiny in the hands of a higher power.. Faith and belief... two beautiful words... I surely need to abide by these words...

And  to all my loyal followers, and for those who just read my blog now and then, I thank you for tuning in. I really do appreciate it. And I will continue to share my adventures, thoughts etc, and will try to choose one artist a month to talk about , and hope that you will find interest.

And on a personal note, as I've said so many times before, you're never too old to dream,. It's making those dreams realistic, now that's the trial and tribulations of life, don't you agree?   So I will never procrastinate, um, well I cannot tell a lie, I do sometimes, but not for long, because I give myself a good scolding, and then begin the process of doing what I love the most, and that is to write.... and therefore I am determine to make this dream come alive, even if it's for myself.

Because if I write for myself, that's okay, because I'm the most important person, and have to please my own appetite and passion for what I love to do, isn't this true of anything you want or do in life..

If you make yourself happy, then you can make others happy.. but if your unhappy, and try to make others happy, then you become a miserable person... now I just have to take my own advice when it comes to this, because it seems all my life, I've tried to make others happy, and completely ignore my own needs.... So it only took um, not giving away my age, a very long time to begin this transaction,..

This doesn't mean I  still don't want to make others happy, it just means I have to give some happiness to myself,  and not go overboard with the other... like I'm sure many of us tend to do.

So my chit chat and rambling on will always be FOREVER YOUNG

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/my mom, and my beliefs.

My life is consumed by running back and forth to doctors with my mom.  I will do everything possible to help her through this trying time, with an illness that I know will not disappear, but hopefully will be able to live with for quite sometime.

And with God's help, along with St. Anthony, the patron saint of miracles, will help me to help her, get through this ordeal.

As a human I want to control destiny, but in reality it's God who controls our destiny, but I know we have to help ourselves, if we want God to help us as well. These are my beliefs, and I will never force them upon anyone, because everyone has their own way of believing, and their own life of handling their situation.

So for now, there isn't much more for me to say this morning. I'm really tired, and hope to gain my strength as the day goes on, for tomorrow is another day, when we begin our journey once again.

My mom will always be for me FOREVER YOUNG.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/the cell phone saga

Yes, I've skipped a few days.. But if you knew the week I had, you would have too.

I never, never bring a coffee cup without a lid, into my car, usually it's a WAWA coffee, and always has a lid....but I had to leave early the other morning, to take my mom to the doctors, and no time to stop at the store, so I grabbed a cup of coffee, with no lid and took off.

Well needless to say, while  I was stopped at a red light, I called my mom, and of course my phone is programed to  filter through my radio, so I don't have to hold the phone, and who needs a ticket, right?.

But still I had to hang up the phone, and blindly put  the phone in the coffee holder next to me, only I forgot my coffee cup had no lid,  and you guessed it, I dunked my phone into the coffee cup. I've heard of dunking donuts in coffee, but a cell phone.....

Now I have a phone, with no screen, lost my contacts, and I never bother to memorize the phone numbers. .. Well, that's not all true, I can remember mine, of course, and my mom's. my husband and my daughter's, but my sons, no. They have changed their phone numbers quite a few times, and I never caught up with all the changes... so you see, this is a good excuse not to have memorized their numbers. And of course, I can't remember my friends, well you get the picture..

And since I never set up my voice mail, I never know who calls me. So now I have to guess who must have  called me, and I'm really not good at guessing games...

So next week, I have to buy another phone, and re-start the process all over again.  I just hope to keep the same phone number, because if I don't, that will be another issue to deal with..

Oh, did I mention I have no ground phone, so the cell phone is all I have...... my life, no problem, right??  lol..

So you see, for me the cell phone saga, will never be FOREVER YOUNG.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/did you ever have one of those days?

Did you ever have one of those days when things just keep happening to you... Well on this particular day, yesterday to be exact, I took my mom to the doctors. Now I never take a cup of coffee with me, especially when I do, I try to make sure I have a lid to put on top of it, but of course I didn't.

I was running a little late, because for some reason traffic seemed to be unbelievable, which I couldn't  understand since it wasn't Monday, but Tuesday, when traffic usually dies down somewhat. So I phoned to tell her I would be late. Now I do NOT hold the phone in my hand because it's programed into my radio, so whenever I make a call, it filters through that. But I have to disconnect it, so that entails picking up the phone to do that.

Now after I informed my mom, I would be a little late, of course it was time to disconnect the phone, so after doing that,  I went to put my phone down, when I felt liquid touch my hand. To say the least, I had dunk my phone into the coffee. Don't you usually dunk donuts into coffee. I wonder what a phone would taste like, with coffee.... only kidding.

So  now I have a blank screen, and lost everything.  And I'm still waiting for my phone to dry, but at least my phone still works, for how long I don't know.  Maybe it's better not to see anything... nah, need to see my icons, very important part of my life, I'm sure you'll agree..

Once I laughed about this predicament,  well I really didn't laugh, I picked my mother up and took her to the doctors, which should have be an hour,. While she was there, I had to go to the store and get some things for her, then get gas for my car, and then drove back to the doctors, but mom was not finished with her treatment, so I had to wait another twenty minutes, anticipating that I will never get back home in time, to take my niece and her boyfriend to the airport to catch their flight home.

I'm out of breath just writing this.. ..

When finally my mom was finished, I drove her home and then went home. My husband was rearing to go, as well as my niece and her boyfriend.  After we dropped them off at the airport, and we said our goodbyes, our intentions was to go straight home. But since my cousin's didn't live too far from where we were, we decided to pop in and see them.  Another hour went by.

Thinking we were going straight home, my husband told me he needed to pick up a key for a job he was doing tomorrow,  which was another ten minutes away,  and then I sat in the car for another ten minutes waiting, and finally we were on our way home.

And that's when I plopped myself down on the couch.. oh no, that's not what I did, I had to get dinner started, because I had a writing group meeting with my teens that night, so I cooked dinner, and then plopped myself down on the couch, Oh Yes I Did, but only for ten minutes before it was time to get up and go...

So you see if anyone was happy to see this day end, I was.  Ten minutes must be the magical number, it seems everything took about ten minutes except for for one, that took twenty minutes.... lol...  Well not really, some things actually took an    Now you see why I need a vacation......

So for me, I never want this day ever to be, FOREVER YOUNG

Monday, March 5, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/me and Van Gogh

Van Gogh, what a very interesting young man. I met him through all the letters he wrote to his brother Theo, and got to know his personal side and emotions, particularly how he felt about the women in his life.

He was a tortured soul, especially when in love for the first time, and his love not returned, This unfortunately happened to me, when I too was very young..... live and learn, right?

When it comes to an artist's life, my obsession, is knowing the person behind the creativity. I try get to the heart of their craft, so I can understand who they really are, and what happened to them, along the way to self-discovery.

This helps me with my own creativity, because I believe,we all have some hidden agenda that still needs to be addressed, and I hope to fulfill mine soon... because when I write, whether it's for myself or for someone else, or submit my work for some competition or to a publishing company,  I'm able to express my thoughts and ideas, and make them come alive,  facing up to my own fears and frustrations, or my own happiness and satisfaction. Knowing that  I've accomplished the one thing in life, that no one can take away from me, and that is an expression of myself, and who I really am.

And I believe, Van Gogh was this person....he expressed his feelings through his art, and gave the greatest gift of all, himself. What better gift to receive from someone so talented, but left this earth all too soon, to see his work become successful.

So for me, Van Gogh, you will always be FOREVER YOUNG.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


It's been a pretty rough month for me. My mom got ill, and it was touch and go for a while and Thank God she is doing much better.  A strong Italian/stubborn woman, that's what she is... and Thank goodness for that...I believe that's what keeps her going, like the rabbit with a battery that won't you like that analogy.

And in between that, my niece and her boyfriend arrived from Washington State, and their staying with me all this week.  Haven't see her for three years.

 I also managed to enter two competitions. And entered my dogs into a card competition as well. Now it's on to sending my script out this week. It's been almost three years since I've won in the quarterfinalist competition, and trying to get someone interested in it... but hopefully someone will see the potential and want to produce it..

Then I'll be working on our seminar for April, with the kids and adults in my writing group.. busy busy busy, that's what I am... but today all I did was sit and relax and ate, and now I'm going to take a little nap, then get up and who knows

have a great Saturday, and stay always FOREVER YOUNG