Wednesday, March 2, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/food shopping with mom

I'm so glad yesterday is over, It wasn't one of my best... For instance taking my mom shopping,

Everything was going fine until she got to the cash register. When it was time to pay, she forgets her pin number and the people in line are trying to be patient. This goes on for at least five minutes, because every number she puts in, is wrong.  So mom had to use her debit card as credit. Once that was done,  it was like someone waved a magic wand, and she remembers her pin number, but too late. No cash back for mom,..

Now I've had moments like this, those senior moments when I forget something, and my mind goes blank. And then I can kick myself afterwards, for not remembering something so simple..

Then again, my brain is sometimes full to the brim, and then say to myself,  "I'm allowed to take a day or two off from remembering everything."

So with a cup of coffee in hand, I drink to my brain, and hope nothing spills over the top, for I can only  handle so much, but if it happens to spill over, then hopefully someone will be there to clean up the mess.

So for this day will be FOREVER YOUNG