Wednesday, February 16, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/another animal story

Okay brace yourself, I know you're just hungering for another animal story.

Let's go back in time a little maybe a long, long time ago.

It was early in the morning, around 6:00 am. For some reason I woke up. Don't know why,  Everyone was  sound asleep. I walked into the living room, not fully awake.

We had a very large picture window, and when you looked outside, it felt like you could reach for the sky, especially on a clear day. Wasn't that a film On A Clear Day, starring Barbara Streisand.

Now you have to picture this, really. I was still half asleep. I was gazing out the window, when suddenly I saw a horse and donkey stroll into my driveway, can you imagine that, a horse and donkey, traveling together.  I had to wipe my eyes twice to see if it was a mirage, but it wasn't.

What do you think I did. Your right, woke my husband out of a sound sleep.  I just couldn't believe what I saw. When I told my husband, he jumped out of bed and ran over to the window. He had to see this for himself, maybe he thought I'd lost my mind.

Well I proved him wrong. There they were, the horse and donkey making themselves comfortable on my front lawn. My husband told me to get an apple. I did, and outside we went. How did a horse and donkey wind up at our house. My husband thought it was because of the garbage, which was waiting to be picked up.. they must have followed the smell.

With apple in hand, my husband slowly walked over to the horse. He had to get close enough to tie him up, the donkey wasn't going anywhere without his friend the horse.

Once the horse was tied up, we figured these lovely animals belonged to our neighbor across the way. We made a quick call. And yes, they did. It seems his son forgot to lock up the barn, and the horse and donkey had made their escape.

A few minutes later, his son appeared. I said to this young man, "it was fortunate they came to our house instead of traveling out onto the highway," He of course agreed, a little embarrassed, I'm sure of what he did...

I was curious to know the horse and donkey's name, and asked the young man what they were.

Well he said, the horse's name was just horse, and the donkey's name was Elvis.  "ELVIS" I shouted, how can you name a donkey after my favorite singer".    I just couldn't believe it.

As the young man took his animals away, I just stared at him, shaking my head back and forth, not quite believing Elvis was a donkey.

Horse and Donkey will  always remain FOREVER YOUNG