Friday, February 11, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/Another Lucille moment

Okay did you ever have one of those days when everything went wrong from the moment you woke up and stayed with you the whole day.  I believe many of you can relate to this, and by all means please share your experiences with me.    I have so many stories, that I'll start backwards, and move forward as my blog continues.. Like I said there were many Lucille Ball moments in my life. Maybe I missed my calling as a

But for now, I'll share another one with you, my second, I believe so far.

It was a cloudy summer morning, and there was a threat of rain in the air. My boss had asked me to deliver a package downtown.  That day I wore my brand new blue crepe dress. And of course, I forgot to take my umbrella, which was still sitting at my desk.

As I approached the bus stop, what do you think happened, your right, it started to drizzle, then it began to pour. And I didn't have anything to protect myself. So clutching the envelope close to my chest, I waited patiently for the bus to arrive.

Finally what seemed like hours, the bus pulled up to the stop,  When I climbed the steps, I noticed my dress  had shrunk a little, but didn't give it another thought.

When the bus pulled up to my stop, I made my way up front.  That's when I realized how much my dress had shrunk. It was way, way above my knees.  Imagine walking down the street,  where I was supposed to deliver this very important envelope to a prominent business associate, trying not to draw attention to my mini- dress, which wasn't standard dress code for the office, and also being a Catholic young girl, I was mortified and embarrassed, because not only was my dress too short,  it was clued to my body, along with my long brow hair.  This was a picture of a drown rat with  no place to hide.

When I reached the building, which was a short walk form the bus stop, I tried not to draw attention to myself, and was thankful, not many people were outside. It was an off hour, where everyone was already at work. I walked quickly to the building, and then ran to the nearest elevator. When I opened to door to the associates office, the look on the receptionist face told me everything.

We both laughed.  But again I was so embarrassed, and I didn't want to go back to my office looking like this, because between getting on the elevator and approaching the office,  my dress had resembled a very large shirt just covering enough, if you know what I mean.. I just wanted to crawl under a rock.

The girl took the envelope, and suggested calling my boss. But I couldn't, I was just beside  myself, so the girl told my boss what happened, and yes everyone had a good laugh, The good news,when I left the building the rain had stopped , but it still didn't help my dilemma.

I was thankful, that I didn't have to wait long for the bus to take me home. But this wasn't the end to my Lucille moment. You think I had been through enough.

When I got on the bus, there were NO SEATS. And no one offered me a seat. I guess the men were enjoying the view. And there were two nuns sitting towards the back, just eyeing me up and down, shaking their head back and forth as if too say, "Shame of You".  Didn't they know I was a good Catholic girl. Well looking at me, and given the state of my dress was in,  I guess I had to agreed with them.

I thought that day would never end. And when I got home, I destroyed the dress, and pledged never to buy that type of dress again.

But nowhere on the label did it read,  this dress will shrink in rain... but it did, and I was living proof of that.. What a lesson to learn...

Well that incident will always be a reminder of my youth, and that's why it will always remain FOREVER YOUNG