Friday, January 24, 2014

FOREVER YOUNG-embracing age

Yes I know, I promised, I would be writing more on my blog, but you see it's been a very unpredictable year so far. 

I guess my mind is getting weary, well I know my body is. lol.. but life goes on, and you can't go back in time, as much as I may want to.  So the realization is, I'm getting older, and instead of fearing my golden years, I am trying hard to embrace it.

But one thing I'm thankful for,  I have a young mind, what I mean, I am with the times, and not some old person who cannot relate to the young... and yet because of my years can offer some sound advice, whether it's taken or not, at least I know I gave it my best shot. still I can't help wonder if my efforts are sometimes fruitless.. ..

So here is at least something for you to read, and hopefully it won't be too long before I visit my bog once again......

And I will always remember to be,  FOREVER YOUNG.

At least I'll give it my best shot...