Monday, March 21, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/my own corned beef dinner

Okay, I almost had a scare with my own corned beef and cabbage. After telling you about my friends.. this would have been disastrous, and my husband, would've teased me forever...

I bought a new brand, and didn't use the seasonings that came with it,  which I never use, because I don't want to pick out seeds from my teeth all night long, thats why I add my own.

So I didn't know how this corned beef was going to taste. And I've been cooking corned beef for years, and it always came out good, I mean really good, melting in your mouth good.

And it was a pretty large corned beef. The directions said for each pound to cook a hour, I knew that. Or did I. ..but when I took out the corned beef, after three hours, it was still a little tough.  How can this be?  I was getting annoyed,  and asked my husband to taste it. His comment, "It's good, but a little tough." So I put the corned beef back into the pot, and cooked it for another twenty minutes.

After twenty minutes, I took it out again, it tasted much better, but another eight minutes would definitely do the trick.  I guess it was the size of the corned beef. I'm so used to getting a 7 or 8 pound corned beef, and this was a little over ten...  

Finally it was done, and removed from the pot to cool, leaving the cabbage and potatoes to boil for another five minutes.  The meal was then placed on plates and served.  And yes it did melt in your mouth..

I've been cooking corned beef for over twenty some years, and if this corned beef didn't turn out right, I would have lost my dignity.

But I must say, it will be awhile before I cook another one.  Probably not until next St. Patrick's Day!!
And I'll probably buy the brand I'm used to.

I'm not saying don't try anything new, but when you're cooking a special meal, and it's never failed you before, it's better to keep it that way.


FOREVER YOUNG/rainy Monday's

Don't you just hate it when you wake up to a rainy day, especially if it's on Monday's

Because when the sun is shining I feel lighthearted, optimistic and full of energy, but when it rains, I feel tired, miserable, and just want to pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep.

But then again it's what I make of the day, like reading a good book that everyone has been talking about. Or do that project  I've been putting off for sometime now, or writing those letters to my friends or loved ones that I've put on hold.

So my perspective is, it's what I feel inside of me, and not what's outside my window, that will determine what kind of day it will be.

So for me this rainy day will be FOREVER YOUNG