Monday, March 28, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/procrastination

How many times do I tell myself, I'll start something today, but then put it off until tomorrow, but when tomorrow comes, I still put it off.

It's like saying, I'll have a hamburger today, and pay you back on tuesday.

Isn't that what Wimpy said to Popeye. His intentions were sincere, but then he didn't follow through, and look how many hamburgers he ate. Imagine owing his life to a hamburger..

So procrastination, a big word, and something, not all the time, I tend to do, without meaning to.

But I know once I set my gears in motion, nothing can stop me from completing my tasks. And when it's finally completed, the clock stops, and once again I put the gear in park. And park I do for quite sometime, that is, until I find something else to reverse that gear, and put me back in motion again.

This could take me a long long time, then again, it might only be a short time,  It's like playing the waiting game and Procrastination, is the name..

So hopefully today will not be one of those days. And lightning strikes, and the gears are prime, for me to start whatever I need to do... but then again, if I think about it too long, then I just might wait until tomorrow..

So for me procrastination, will probably always be FOREVER YOUNG