Tuesday, January 17, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/ Nelson Johnson(boardwalk empire)

Well I went to a seminar/booksigning and the author was Nelson Johnson, who wrote the BOARDWALK EMPIRE.

It was an interesting session.  He told us how he wrote the book, and what he did to get his book picked up by HBO for a tv series.   And he also said, if you find a subject to write about and are truly passionate then go for it, whether it gets published or not, you'll have fun doing it, and the reward will be fulfilling because you accomplished your goal, regardless of the outcome..... but of course being human I would like the outcome to be (PUBLISHED) or (BOUGHT)  ..lol..

And of course I  knew.... that if you want to pitch a tv script, film etc.  you should go to LA,  but I also believe it's possible, that  no matter where you live... you can achieve your goals.. because there is always the computer, telephones etc... to make contacts..

and  even when you're ninety-nine....lol..   Well look at Betty White, ninety and still going strong... you or I should never give up on our dreams...