Tuesday, July 31, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/ a poem for my mom


                                                        SHE APPEARED IN MY DREAM

                               The other night, she appeared in my dream
                               looking so happy
                               and whispered, "I'm okay"

                               But I didn't want to let  go
                               because she called me
                               every morning, every afternoon
                               her voice soothing
                               well sometimes not

                               Because like any relationship
                               between mother and daughter
                               we had our disagreements
                               our many ups and downs

                               Yet we always ended our conversation
                               with love in our heart, and of course
                               with some of her worldly advice

                                And hence, as the days slip by
                                I still find myself waiting
                                for her call, to hear her voice
                                once again
                                But I know she is somewhere up above
                                listening to me, and letting me know
                                that her spirit will always live on
                                inside of me

I wrote this poem for you mom, and I know if I read this to her, she would say, that's really nice, you are so good with words.  Whether I was or not, mom always complimented me on my writing, and I'll always treasured the times,I shared my words with her.

So mom you will always be FOREVER YOUNG