Friday, April 15, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/those drippy fried egg sandwiches

I definitely know how to cook eggs.

I can make scramble, fried, omelets with ham and cheese, peppers, onions and bacon, etc. etc., and yes it took me sometime, to get the poached eggs down, but long and behold after many years of messing that up, I finally got that right....

What an achievement, because my husband really likes poached eggs, and his second best is fried eggs of course.

And the only kind of eggs, that I can't make right, is an fried egg sandwich.  Why, well I never let the egg yoke, cook long enough, so when I put it in a sandwich, and  hand it over to my husband, who then takes a bite, what do you think happens, that's right, the egg yoke drips all over him.

Pretty funny, don't you think, except I usually make fried egg sandwiches when he doesn't have time, for a more hearty breakfast...

So the other day, what do you think he asked for, a fried egg sandwich.  And what did I do again, you guessed it, I didn't let the yoke cook long enough, and it not only spilled, it exploded,  all over my husband's shirt, and on the back end of my dog, Ralph, who naturally was under his feet, hoping to catch a drop or two.

Yes those drippy fried egg sandwiches, get me every time, and I guess they always will, regardless of how long I've been cooking eggs.

Therefore, drippy Fried Eggs will always be, for me