Tuesday, March 29, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/I took a short ride

I didn't have a destination, and nothing was planned, I just took a short ride.

As I'm driving down the road, and thank goodness, there wasn't any traffic behind me(they probably would have blasted their horns, but then again, it was an off time)..  I  started to relax.  I took my time. What does that mean. I wasn't in a rush to be somewhere, and  I wasn't in a hurry to meet someone.

I didn't turn the radio on. It was pure silence inside the car and out.. How I cherished this moment.

Passing by some wooded areas, skimpy trees and maybe a little lake in between, I finally saw some houses.... Old houses, new houses. some for sale, others not. Lawns full of junk, others clean as a whistle..

That's when I wondered, who lived in these houses. What kind of people were they. Did they have children? What's their heartfelt story.. Were they born here? Did their ancestors live here, or did they come from another state, another country. This would make for a pretty interesting read, I'm sure.

With these thoughts in mind, I kept driving forward. I wanted to take in the beauty around me. Or just visualize what it would look like once the trees were in full bloom, and all the flowers sprouting up in every imaginable color.... But regretfully, I had to turn around, and head back home.

Leaving my cares and worries behind, just for a half hour, was the perfect medicine for my heart and soul. And when I feel overwhelm, I'll just take myself out for that short ride again. "Who needs a doctor, right?