Thursday, May 26, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/my buddies, laughter and crying

Drama and comedy, go hand in hand.. 

And as you know there is more drama in life, then laughter.. therefore laughter needs to play a bigger part in our lives, even though in life, there is more to cry about...

But here's a little story..

When I was younger, I used to laugh and cry at the same time..And I was asked often, "how can you be crying and laughing at the same time."

Or they would ask me, which is it, "are you upset, or are you happy".... Well maybe I was a little bit of both, or maybe I just couldn't decide what I was feeling.

But frankly, there wasn't an answer.  I really didn't know, why I laughed and cried at the same time. It just came out that way....

So if  I was looking for sympathy and compassion, my laughter would make light of it..

But in the end, I chose to laugh. But I never regretted crying either..

And if you remember the old saying, "laughter is the best medicine," well, I also believe crying is also the best medicine.

Because when you cry, it releases the tension and stress in your body, and when you laugh, it also releases the tension and stress in your body.  And when you put both emotions together, you feel absolutely free, and can see your problems or situation, in a newer perspective.

I'm not a scientists or a doctor... It's just my own personal formula, because I've put these two emotions together, most of my life...

And I said most of my life because lately, the laughter is slowly disappearing, ..  and that's definitely a no, no.

Therefore  laughter and crying will always be buddies,.. and for me, these two emotions will always be