Tuesday, February 8, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/Animals in my life.

The animals in my life, and I don't just mean the human kind lol...but also the four legged kind..

Now people usually have a, dog, cat and bird, for a pet, and so did I, but I also had my share of the abnormal type animals as well.

You might ask yourself, what does she mean, by abnormal.  Well how's this for a start, a rooster. Don't laugh,  my husband actually brought home a rooster. And of course,  I didn't want a rooster in my house, would anyone.  I also didn't want to be awaken at the crack of dawn, at least not from my living room, that is,  so  needless to say, the rooster remained outside of our house. And no, we didn't live on a farm, where I could put the rooster in a barn. We lived in the mountains, full of rocks and open fields.

Then one night, according to the weather report, the temperature was going to be way below zero, and my husband suggested bringing the rooster into the house. At first I said "absolutely not", but then I felt sorry for the poor rooster and agreed. "But just for the night," I said....

My husband assured me nothing would happen. The rooster would perch itself on the railing, not move, and go to sleep. Well what do you think happened, you guessed it, the first thing it did,  dare I say it, shit on my ceramic tile floor... oh he was right about one thing though, the rooster never moved... And you're right about something else,  I didn't clean the mess either... guess who did!

Just to set the record straight, I don't dislike roosters in general,  their not so bad once you get used to them. I just didn't want to be up close, and personal with them.

Well the rooster remained on our railing for a few more days, until we were able to find a permanent home, on a farm  that is, where I'm sure that rooster lived happily ever after.

Please stay tune for another animal story, but not today, maybe tomorrow or maybe next month, but it will be about two goats, named loopy and loppy....

So I will say to you,  all the animals in my life, past and present have a way of making me feel, FOREVER YOUNG.