Saturday, April 30, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/angelina's story finished, and out

Well, I did it. I mailed my story of Angelina Heartfelt Journey to the publisher today.  Now we shall see what happens.   And I will  also send it out to others...

He had a smirk on his face, as I walked up to him, then he said....... The beginning of a story, or maybe not... we shall see...

nothing more to say today.... until tomorrow



Friday, April 29, 2011


Angelina's Story is now finished, and I will now send it out tomorrow.

Other than that, nothing much happened today.  Visited my mom, and will be taking her food shopping tomorrow.  I still can't believe she is 87 years old, and so independent. Now I know who I take after.
I am truly blessed to have her, and truly blessed that she is healthy, in fact all my family. What greater gift then that.

And yes I complain like everyone else. And I have my moments when things just don't go the way I want it to, or someone doesn't do, what I think they should be doing. And most of all no one really listens....  So true to life, everyone has to learn the hard way, even though as mother's and wife's we always try to make everything easier.  Oh well, all I can say is, at least I try.  

So I guess this is it for today, see you all tomorrow. Hope you tune in.  You'll never know what I'll write about next..


Thursday, April 28, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/received an e-mail from an editor..

I'm pretty close to finishing revising Angelina's Story.... The name of my short Children's book is
"Angelina's Heartfelt Journey."

Should be ready to go out tomorrow to a publisher, and hopefully to another one next week. Then I'm going to work on  another story which should be finished soon.

My next project writing a screenplay.  If it's only for myself, that's okay, but at least I'm going to start, and that is the important part.

I received an e-mail yesterday from an editor, asking me to write for their website. Articles of any interest, of course there is no monetary gain, but it was an honor just to be asked.  Not sure if I'm going to do this or not.  I really don't write articles....,, But there will be lots of publicity, which is always a good thing... Right?

Well, that's about it for now. Just got up a few minutes ago. Didn't get much sleep because the winds were howling  outside, like you wouldn't believe.

 It's sad to see so much damage and lost of life from all these tornado's in the South.. Nothing really prepares you for such disaster. Even though the weathermen try their best to warn everyone, it's still something of disbelief when it actually happens.

When I was a little girl, I lived through a tornado. Walked to school, was glued to the fence and couldn't let go, until a very nice man pried my fingers loose from the school yard bars, and led me to safety inside the school.  I will never forget that day.   He will always be a hero in my eyes.

As always memories will always be,  FOREVER YOUNG

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/revising Angelina's story

Well today I will go to my other trusty computer and work on my story.  I've never written a children's book and this one is based on a mother's journal about her baby girl who is sick. It's only eight pages long, and hopefully if published will have a great artist for the illustrations.

It's tricky, because I' m not in the medical field and don't want to appear that way. So I've written Angelina's story (the baby's name) in her point of view. I't's written  in a simplistic, lyrical tone...

Now I've already sent the story out, and I know the way it was written, probably didn't meet with a positive reaction, so I am revising the story, polishing it up and sending it out again.  But sooner or later I just have to let it go, or I'll wind up throwing it in the garbage.  And I don't want to do that, since this story is important to share.  It can be read by seven year olds, and read to 4-6 years olds as well.

Okay, now that I've said that, I will have another cup of coffee, to wake me up of course, Then get started and hopefully  send it out by tomorrow, but as everyone knows, this is a tough business.

that's why I produced and filmed my own scripts.  One of them won two awards, and was aired on PBS.

So for now, I will leave this laptop and visit my desktop.  I know, I know, why not write the story on my laptop, well it's an apple and it doesn't have microsoft word, and that's what I like to type on.... Sorry apple... I'm really not a traitor, after all, my blog is written everyday on your computer....  


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/a writer's life is lonely, or is it?

A Writer's life. is lonely.  Or is it?  And my answer is No.  Because a writer has their characters, to keep them company..

A Writer communicates with their characters.

A writer determines their characters outcome,  They can make their character lovable, kind, rich, poor or famous. Because the writer controls their destiny.

A writer, has fun with their characters. Putting them in all kinds of situations. ex. peril, comedy, and drama.  But whatever it is, the character never leaves the writer's side, that is until the author decides otherwise.

A writer is very important, because without the writer, there would be no films, tv shows, books, magazines, and newspapers. etc.. for people to read, or act...

Therefore, I am a writer. I enjoy being with my characters. They make my life seem  dull compare to theirs.  I can go on an adventure with them, and live through their eyes, and listen through their ears, and speak in their voice.

I love making my characters come alive.  They are my friends, and my constant companions, and when I'm finished with my project, I'm sad, because it's time to say goodbye..

That is until another story pops into my head, and I make new character friends.

So for me Writing will always be FOREVER YOUNG

Monday, April 25, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/a brand new week

Okay,so it's Monday again, another brand new week.  And will it be a good and productive one, or just one of those weeks when everything just seems to go wrong, or you're just at a standstill, and nothing happens at all.

Yet there's always something great about starting a new week.  After a long weekend of fun or maybe not, there are always a few surprises when Monday comes around. Of course I prefer the good ones.

 I want to feel that rush of excitement. I want to energize my brain, I want to get my body and whip it in shape for a brand new week.

I want to dive into a new project. Write a novel that will live on, like Margaret Mitchell's Gone With The Wind. or John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men.

Yes a new day is on the rise, and I myself will take advantage of it. I will go forward and not look back on what was, but what will be. Or what I can make happen, instead of dwelling on what happened.

A new day,  A new week. We shall see what's on the horizon for me,  beginning with today..

A brand new week will be FOREVER YOUNG

Sunday, April 24, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/Easter time..

Today many people will celebrate Easter Sunday, and the kids will wake up, and find their Easter Baskets full of goodies, and maybe there will be a gift or two waiting for them.

And later on they will get dress in their brand new Easter clothes, and go to Church, or visit their grandparents, or maybe just stay at home.

Our family tradition.. Every Easter, we took a long ride, and ate Easter dinner at a nice restaurant.

Those were the best days. Memories that will always be treasured.

But there was one particular Easter, and we were sitting in the car, ready to leave, and guess what, the car wouldn't start.  Didn't know what was wrong, but our Easter Outing ended, right there on our front lawn..

I don't remember what I cooked for dinner, but I believe it was something simple, since I didn't defrost anything.  It was disappointing, but you know what, it still was a great family day, because we were all together.

The family unit, I fear is becoming a loss treasure. Life gets in the way, and everyone is too busy, each going their separate ways.

But  I will always be thankful, and blessed, that we had those family moments together, because they can never be replaced, because children grow up so fast, and you can only enjoy their childhood years one time around. There is no second chance.

Yes Easter and many other days with my family will always be FOREVER YOUNG

Saturday, April 23, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/worry to be replaced, with concern.

I want the word WORRY, to be erased from the dictionary forever...  Who thought of that word anyway.

I can't stand the fact, that whenever you're concerned about something or someone, you are labeled a worry wart....

And is there a reason why the word wart, was attached to worry.   Like if you worry, then a wart, pops up, and then it  spreads like wildfire.    Who wants warts anyway, ugly little sores...... I should know, when I was a little girl, I had them all over my hands.. It was a virus, my doctor said.. and I'm thankful, they never appeared again.......

Maybe worrying is like a virus....... and that's why they attached the word wart to it.. but worry wart will no longer be in my vocabulary. Instead I prefer to use the word Concern.

It makes me feel more comfortable, when someone says to me, don't be too concerned, or what are you concerned about? Rather then say, "what are you worry about, or don't be so worry about it"... etc.

The word Worry has a negative meaning vs the word Concern, which has a positive and caring meaning..... therefore I'm not worry, I'm  concerned..

And for me, CONCERN... will always be FOREVER YOUNG

Friday, April 22, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/I will always root for the underdog

 I always root for the underdog. That's right.

Anyone who works hard, to achieve their goals, and how they struggle to get there, I'm right there rooting them on.

 If I was at a horse race, and there's a horse that's a long shot to win,  I bet on that horse, because I always root for the underdog, even if that underdog looses, in my eyes they are still a winner..

Or when I'm watching a film, like  Rudy, who followed his dream of going to Notre Dame, and joining the football team.  He achieved his goals and earned the respect of his fellow players and coach, but most of all the respect of his father and brothers.   He made them believe, that no matter what your status in life is, you don't have to let that stand in the way, of your success.

And let's not forget Susan Boyle. A woman who was definitely an underdog, judged by her looks and age, proved to have a beautiful and powerful voice, and became a star  in her own right. There's still hope for baby boomers...Horray!

I can go on and on, but I'll just end it with this. For me the underdog will always be  FOREVER YOUNG


Doris Day's is 88....a year older then my mom.. And  today, on television they are showing some of her many films, in commemoration of this beautiful and talented woman.

I admire Doris Day, because of her many talents. She has a voice of an angel, and is a great actress, who  performed  in all types of films, comedy, drama, and musicals. She also received the Cecil B.De Mille Lifetime Achievement Award, I believe at the age of 44.. And a Grammy Lifetime in music award, February, 2008.

She lit up the screen with her beautiful blonde hair, and blue eyes. And  had a smile that was, and I'm sure still is, contagious.  Making me wish at times, I looked liked her, when I was younger... and yes I grew up watching her films, and enjoyed every one of them.

Not only a great singer and actress, she is an animal activists. Her love and passion for the rights of animals  and fighting against animal cruelty, has been recognized by many, over the years.

I've heard that children and animals, are the best judge of people. If they sense a kind and gentle person, they are very receptive to your attention. And that's Doris Day.

So for me Doris Day will always be FOREVER YOUNG

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Two doctor appointments this week, and two walk outs.. I guess this wasn't my week for doctors.

So I've re-schedule, and hopefully this time, all will work out fine.

and since it's late, and I can barely stay awake,  I'll just say goodnight,


FOREVER YOUNG/every morning the same routine...

Every  morning it's the same routine.  Get up, take the dogs out, feed them, and then finally get a cup of coffee.

And then  I sit down, until my dog Clyde decides he wants a treat, and not one mine you, but two or three as Ralph, patiently waits for his. And then, I  sit down again, drink my coffee, which I had to refresh by then, and try to wake up.  Didn't you know, I do all the above half asleep....

Then my next routine step.... I click on my trusty computer. I check my e-mails, which have become more like an advertising board then anything else, nothing personal anymore. It seems everyone has taken to twitter or facebook to leave their messages to let me know, they're still out there somewhere, doing something.

And by this time I'm pretty much awake, so  I begin to write in this blog of mine, and what I say could be interesting or not, depending on what pops into my brain at the moment.

After I'm finished writing, I put aside my computrer, and enjoy another cup of coffee, and this time with a half of a 100 calorie bagel, and then my day begins.... FOREVER YOUNG

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/related to my last blog about Tuesday's

Well you might want to know, why I left Thursday out in my last blog...

It was about Tuesday's, but I also mentioned Monday's Wednesday's and Friday's but left out Thursday ... and then my husband asked,"Did you forget about Thursday?"

No, I didn't. I just didn't mention it because Thursday, is a day when you just can't wait until it's Friday. And you spend the whole day thinking about what you're going to do for the weekend. A day for going out, with family and friends.

Energy levels are up and down, and you just can't wait to go home, because you know Friday will be here soon, and then, that's right the fun begins..

Or you just want some peace and quiet, and don't want anyone to bother you. You can't wait until Friday and can take that long drive, just to get away from it all.

So Thursday I did not forget, I just didn't want to mention it, but I know without it, you couldn't say, it's one day closer to the upcoming weekend, and therefore, Thursday's will always be FOREVER YOUNG.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/Tuesday's the most unpredictable day of the week

What follows Monday, yep, Tuesdays. A most unpredictable day.

A day much more unpredictable, then Monday's Wednesday's or Friday's.

Maybe you're working on a project, and it's due by the end of the week, and something goes wrong, that warrants your undivided attention, And you're hoping everything will work out, because Tuesday's is the make or break day, which can determine, if you'll get the job done on time,

Or you didn't do your homework, and the teacher decides Tuesday's is the day, to give you a pop quiz and you're not prepared for it, and now you will suffer the consequences.

And maybe you've put off doing your housework, and now it's Tuesday, and you have no choice, you have to  to decide what to do first.

But never fear,  once you pass that unpredictable Tuesday, it's  Wednesday, and you're at the half way mark, because soon the weekend will be here.  Plans will be made, and hopefully nothing will pop up and stand in your way, which surely will dampen your spirits, and then what happens, the week starts all over again.

And Tuesday's is when I meet with my teen writing group.

I never know what to expect. They always manage to come up with something fantastic, as I listen to them read their stories, and wish I had their imagination.

So I guess that's all I have to say.  But if something comes up during the day, I will click into my blog, and tell you all about it..

For now, Tuesdays will always be FOREVER YOUNG.

Monday, April 18, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/my stomach does flip flops whenever

Today was another excursion to the supermarket, with my mom, of course.  It was the normal Monday shopping day, and thankfully nothing happened out of the ordinary....

Except, after all these years of food shopping, I'm now beginning to (really) hate it.

Honestly if I didn't need food to survive, I wouldn't eat. Maybe one day there will be a pill that will fulfill, all my nutritious needs, and yes I know, that's a little extreme, because I do like my steak and chicken.. And naturally deserts, like apple pie, ice cream and anything that's chocolate, But whenever I walk into a supermarket, my stomach starts doing flip flops.

And it's not because I didn't eat, or  because I ate something bad, it's because the price of food has escalated, and that's what gives me a stomach ache..

There's also an old saying, eat something before food shopping, because if you don't, you'll buy everything in sight, and throw everything in the cart, without giving it another thought. Then realize you went overboard, when the cashier tells you, how much it all cost.

And the stomach does more flip flops, as you walk out the door.

So yes I'm beginning to hate food shopping, and those prices have to come down, down, and down to be. FOREVER YOUNG

Sunday, April 17, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/will not always be about the weather, but.

Sunday morning, and the sun did come out today.

And I hope you don't think my blog, is all about the weather,  or he weather-man, and what the day will be like, but honestly, don't we all live by what they say.

I mean you can't plan a barbecue, a baseball game, a wedding, a race, or just going to the beach for the day, unless the weather cooperates, and if it doesn't, then last minute changes, have to be made.

Yes we rely on what the weather man says, after all, they know what's really going on, at least I hope they do..

But then again, if you ask a person who has bad knees, back or neck,  they also predict if it's going to rain,  because their muscles begin to ache, and the first thing they say, I think it's going to rain today....... I only say this, because that's what happens, whenever I'm feeling this way.

So there will be days when my blog will be about the weather, because it's been such a pain in the.... and I just thought to end this weekend, with my own explanation, of predicting the un-predictable weather.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/plans delayed, for another day

Today, we were going to see my aunt, who is ninety years old.  She's my mom's sister, and we  haven't seen her since last year.

My husband took off from work, so he could drive us.....and my mom slept over our house, because it was easier to leave from there.

But what happened.  The weather.  The unpredictable lousy weather.

The weather channel predicted, heavy rains, and wind, only it wouldn't start until 5 pm, that was last night's report, but naturally this morning, the weather report changed its forecast to this afternoon, and that's the reason we didn't go.

So I made the dreaded call. My aunt and cousin understood. in fact, it was already raining where they lived... so over-all we made the right decision, but I was really disappointed.  

Now our plans are delayed for other day, another time, and let's just hope the weather man's forecast calls for a bright and sunny day, when once again, we make plans to visit my aunt.

Oh yes, the weather, will always remain unpredictable, FOREVER YOUNG

Friday, April 15, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/those drippy fried egg sandwiches

I definitely know how to cook eggs.

I can make scramble, fried, omelets with ham and cheese, peppers, onions and bacon, etc. etc., and yes it took me sometime, to get the poached eggs down, but long and behold after many years of messing that up, I finally got that right....

What an achievement, because my husband really likes poached eggs, and his second best is fried eggs of course.

And the only kind of eggs, that I can't make right, is an fried egg sandwich.  Why, well I never let the egg yoke, cook long enough, so when I put it in a sandwich, and  hand it over to my husband, who then takes a bite, what do you think happens, that's right, the egg yoke drips all over him.

Pretty funny, don't you think, except I usually make fried egg sandwiches when he doesn't have time, for a more hearty breakfast...

So the other day, what do you think he asked for, a fried egg sandwich.  And what did I do again, you guessed it, I didn't let the yoke cook long enough, and it not only spilled, it exploded,  all over my husband's shirt, and on the back end of my dog, Ralph, who naturally was under his feet, hoping to catch a drop or two.

Yes those drippy fried egg sandwiches, get me every time, and I guess they always will, regardless of how long I've been cooking eggs.

Therefore, drippy Fried Eggs will always be, for me


Thursday, April 14, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/yes, I love my car

Yes I love my car.    

I've had my car for ten years.  It's been a good friend to me. Never giving me any problems, except the usual that comes along with getting old....

Is this possible, being in love with your car.  It's become part of me, a part of my life. I'm used to the way it operates, and the comfort it gives me when I'm driving and the security of knowing, it will get me to where I'm going...  It's like being married for a long long time, you don't want something new, because you've invested all your time and energy, into the one you have.

But I fear, the time is drawing near... and the tears will come, and then in time, will subside, and once again, I will have to break in another one, get to know its ways, and how it operates.... but memories of my car, will always live in my heart

Yes I'm in love with my car, and for me it will always be FOREVER YOUNG

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It's been a very long day, and I have absolutely nothing to say, but when I awake, I will definitely be writing away.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/what a day

By late afternoon,  it started raining like cats and dogs. An old saying, don't know who invented it, but people have been using this simile for years.... But if it really rained cats and dogs,  that would be one for the guinness book of records.

Okay enough about the weather...  What did I do today, well  I'm happy to say, I finally got my hair cut,  so now I feel like a new woman, well not exactly new, I just took the old body, and put a new hair style on my head, and what do you have, a half-new person.

Then made a  quick stop to the dollar store.. which is like going  into a candy store, and buying all the candy you want, and never really getting enough..

And then it was time to check out.  But a woman from the next  aisle over distracted everyone from their task. She wanted to exchange the shoes she bought, for the same  type of shoes she was wearing.   And proceeded to show the cashier the shoes she was wearing.

That's right.  Shoes.... Did you know the dollar store sold shoes, well they Don't, and that's what the cashier tried telling this woman, but she kept insisting she bought them there, and kept showing the cashier her shoes, and again the cashier kept telling her, that she didn't get those shoes at this store.

And honestly the cashier had the patience of a saint.  because this was a dollar store, and the shoes she wanted to exchange were definitely more expensive then a dollar.

This went on for about three or four minutes. when the woman finally said to the cashier, isn't this such and The cashier smiled, and said No, you are at the wrong store, and then told her, if the dollar store sold shoes like those, everyone would be buying them here, including me.

The woman then said, well since I'm in line you might as well ring the other things up. As if the scene she just made, never happened, and that's when I took my bags, and walked out the door laughing... now that really made my day...

So this was a strange day, for being FOREVER YOUNG.

FOREVER YOUNG/I treasure each moment with mom.

As you know yesterday was Monday, and because it was Monday, and just one of those days, oh, didn't the Mama and Papa's sing that song.  I was just a kid of course..

Well anyway, I didn't write on my blog,  So I'll pretend it's Monday, and will catch up to tuesday later..

I went to visit my mom.   I treasure each moment with her...  She's eighty-seven, but looks and acts like sixty-five. But does anyone, ever want to see their mom get old.   I know I don't..

And maybe that's why she still treats me as if  I'm Ten years old.  and that's why, we  always argue, because she never sees me as an adult... ...but again, I just have to laugh,  because I know, she'll never change, and in my heart, I don't want her to, because she just wouldn't be mom..

and every day, she calls at a certain time, just to say  hello, and I never want that day to end...

 I pray that we have many more days and years to spend, together..

Monday, , it was a beautiful day to visit my mom...

because treasure moments with her, will always be, FOREVER YOUNG

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Sunday Blah day, that's right, the sun can't make up its mind whether to come out or not, and the temps are playing games once again, from hot to cold, so imagine how one's body and mind is feeling right now.    Blah, Blah, Blah.

My energy level has been zapped to zero---My mind, stagnated, not wanting to think about anything. or anyone, and my body just wants to sit in one place

There is  nothing I want to watch on television. The same shows, same movies, over and over.

So why do I pay for cable television?  Especially when I use to see, the same movies for free.... What a World..

Sunday, Blah...and. soon it will turn into Monday, and then the song Monday, Monday, comes to mind, by the mama and papas. Oh those Monday mornings......because you never know what to expect.

so for me I'm having a Blah Sunday, and hopefully it will never be FOREVER YOUNG

Saturday, April 9, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/dream series continues

My mother was at our house. She decided to go for a walk, but never came back. Don't know why, but we weren't too concern, even though it's not like her. And her clothes and nightgown were still hanging in the room.

Now it was the next day, and still she didn't come back, and that's when I panic. I called my brother, no answer. Then I called my friend, she picked up the phone and then forgot I was there.

I really was going out of my mind.  My husband went looking for her, but no results. He called the police, and that was that.  I called my friend, and again, she left me on hold. Then somehow we all ended up at her house.

We rang the bell, she opened the door and was wearing a white slip. And then try to hold back the dog, and cat from getting out, and opened the door wider for us to come in.

Then all of a sudden another woman appeared, talking on the phone and wearing a sparkling sequin green jacket, and ironic so was my friend.    Then my friend suggested my mom might have found a companion, trying to look on the positive side of her disappearance, instead of the negative.

All the time I was at my friends, her cat, was gently brushing up against my leg.

And still I could not reach my brother. Someone had picked up the phone, and all I heard were noises in the background.  But he never answered.

the next thing I knew, I ended up at the casino, trying to find my way to my mother's apartment. I went down steps, hallways, and even outside, close to the beach.  But I couldn't get to my mom's apartment and that's when I woke up.

I had the same dream twice, because I woke up from it once, and then fell back to sleep, and dreamt it again, and then woke up, wide awake... But remembered vividly this crazy dream.

Now before I went to bed, I had a glass of wine, and an ice cream cone.  Is that the lethal combination that made me dream this crazy dream... ... Could that be the answer... who knows.......

oh well, my crazy dreams, I believe, will always continue, and they will always be FOREVER YOUNG

Friday, April 8, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/Carlo my rescue bird

Now I've talked about my dogs, but shame on me for not mentioning my bird Carlo. He is a beautiful blue and white parakeet.

He has been with us for over seven years now. He's a rescue Bird.

At first Carlo, was very shy, and wouldn't acknowledge our presence. In fact, he just sat in his cage and just observed his surroundings. then slowly but surely, he got used to our voices, mind in particular.

He answers to his name, and chirps all the time, in fact, he never stops. Especially since we moved his cage into the living room. right next to the television.   And yes he even answers back to the people on tv, especially if  there is singing, or  music playing...

There is never a dull moment with Carlo, and add him to my other wonderful animals, it sometimes feels like I'm at the circus.

So stay tune, there's more to say about this lively, entertaining bird. Carlo.


FOREVER YOUNG/the waiting game

The waiting game. No matter what you want to do in life, you're always playing the waiting game.

You wait in line at the bank, just to make a deposit. And of course there's never enough. You keep waiting to win that lottery, so it will make your life a little easier, and when you don't win, well, you keep waiting for your boat to come in.

You wait in line at the grocery store, and your that close to the cashier, but the person in front of you, can't find her money, or searches for a coupon, so she can save ten cents on an item,  And now your trapped, because you've already placed your items on the conveyor, and can't move to another aisle. What do you do, that's right you wait.

When you're at the movies, you wait in line for popcorn, then you ask for more butter, only the person behind the counter has moved on to someone else. So you wait to have your request honored, hoping you don't miss the beginning of the movie, that would just be catastrophic.

And if you're planning to eat, after the movie, you wait to be seated at that restaurant, and if theyrequire a reservation, guess what, you wait even longer.

waiting, waiting, and waiting..

Now on a more personal note. You  wait and wait, to get an appointment with a doctor, and once you do, you wait to see him, just so he'll tell you, Guess what, you're still alive.

And then you make an appointment with a dentist, which seems a little easier to obtain, for some reason, but at the same time you pray and hope you got there in time, and  that your teeth are still intact, because you waited too long. You just don't like sitting in that chair, and having someone prying in your mouth, drilling your teeth away...

Now If you're at work, the morning just seems to be dragging, so you can't wait to go to lunch, that would mean the day is half over. But then once you're back from lunch, you just can't wait to go home, a never ending saga.

And if you don't have a job, and you've been applying for one, you wait, and wait  to hear those magic words, Your Hired.

Now on to the creative..

If your a writer,  you wait to hear from a publisher, or an agent to tell you, we're publishing your book, your story, finally you're name is in print...  now you can tell all your friends and family...

And if your an actor/actress, and auditioned for that big part, you wait to hear if you got it, which will finally make you a star, and if you didn't, well maybe you'll just have to wait until you're eighty...

 Or if you're a struggling artist , and have been painting for years on end, and your fingers can attest to that, you wait to hear if your work is good enough, to hang in one of the finest galleries in the city.

waiting, waiting, waiting..

I wish, just once, I could go somewhere, or do something without waiting, waiting, waiting. Don't you?

Waiting is something that tests my patience every day... and for the most part, I try not to let it get to me, but sometimes when you're having one of THOSE days, you just wish you didn't have to  WAIT..

But  I'm afraid, the Waiting Game will never go away, it will always be FOREVER YOUNG

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG-my teen writers

Had a great meeting with my teen writing group last night.  They make me feel young again. Nothing wrong with that. And as one of my teens said, age is only a number, and I agree.

No matter how old you are, and no matter what you have done, or what you still need to accomplish, as long as you wake up in the morning, you have another day to work towards your goal.

I'm so glad I formed a teen writing group four years ago. I watched these kids grow into wonderful young adults, and now that most are graduating and going off to college, I know they will accomplish anything they set out to do.

I'm also feeling that empty nest syndrome, all over again. I will miss them....

And for the teens who are still in High School, and continue to come to the meetings, I look forward to watching them grow into young adults, and then going off to college, following their dreams, as well.

This is what life is all about.

My teens will always be FOREVER YOUNG

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/my uncle, 88, loves to dance

My uncle loves to dance. and  I've already written a blog about him impersonating Elvis, and how he put away his sparkling suit, at the tender age of eighty-five.

Well my mom called  him yesterday. She hadn't heard from him in a while, and wanted to make sure he was okay. He told her, his dancing feet were back on the dance floor again. Okay he didn't quite say it like that, but he did tell her he's back to dancing.

I'm so amazed that my uncle, at eighty-eight years old is dancing and swinging away. And with another companion who feels the same way. I believe she's in her eighties as well.

And no, he's not impersonating  Elvis. Still he probably might do some of his moves, because Elvis's moves are hard to forget... and knowing my uncle, and how he loves to entertain, I wouldn't put it pass him to try..  Where does he get all that energy. I know younger men and woman, who get tired half way through a dance, and then need to sit down.

But as you know life is too short, and my uncle is living proof of that.  I hope he has many more years, to dance his feet away....on the dance floor of course.

so my uncle will always be, in my eyes, FOREVER YOUNG

FOREVER YOUNG/Lena Horn and Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather, Stormy Weather, words of a titled song, sung by Lena Horn, who came into this world like a storm, and left us with an everlasting impression of a beautiful, soulful and gifted woman, whose voice captured the hearts of many.

And Stormy Weather which leaves its  mark on homes, cars or  whoever, or whatever stands in its way. Also leaving an everlasting impression.

So Lena and  Stormy Weather, both powerful, both strong, but one gave us joy, while the other gives us destruction and loss.

Unfortunately and sad, that Lena Horn has passed on, While Stormy Weather will continue to strike again, and again, and again. with no end in sight. Because mother nature, will always have her way.

So Stormy weather, please don't be


Monday, April 4, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/I had a fight with my Sunday chicken

I had a fight with my Sunday chicken. That's right. Do you know what it's like trying to pull the giblets and neck, out of a  half frozen chicken.....with a steak knife no less..   If only I had my camera handy, because this would have made a great picture.

But I refuse to take all the blame. The Sunday chicken has to take some responsibility.
Because I took the chicken out of the freezer at 8am and it was still frozen at 4am.  That was eight hours....and it's not as if the chicken, was the size of a 13 pound turkey... it was all of 5 pounds, if that..

So between the microwave set on defrost, and running the chicken under cold water, and using my trusty steak knife,  the giblets and neck were finally set free...  and if that hadn't work, then Sunday chicken would have been Monday's dinner.

And after all that nonsense, I'm happy to say,  my Sunday chicken turned out absolutely delicious, in fact it just melted in your mouth.

When something like this happens, it just proves, no matter how long I've been doing something,  I'm never too old to laugh at myself. lol..

Cooking a chicken,  will always be FOREVER YOUNG

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Clyde, the youngest, who requires my attention twenty-four-seven.

Of course I picked him out. so I have no one to blame, but myself. But you know what, I wouldn't trade him for the world, because Clyde spices up my life, even though he turns my world upside down, and inside out.

Yes my Clyde is only a child of two,  oh, I mean a dog of two... who will soon be turning three. What to expect, one never knows.  I'll just have to wait and see, because Clyde is always surprising me.

So for me, Clyde will always be, FOREVER YOUNG

FOREVER YOUNG/$65,000 question

The $65,000 dollar question, because the $64,000 question has already been answered.

"Will I write, or will I procrastinate once again, and think about writing, instead of actually putting anything on paper."

The answer is?

He stood by the doorway, his eyes glowing in the dark. Jenny took two steps back, and then????

Saturday, April 2, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/the writer in me

I'm a writer, or like to think I am, that is when I'm in the mood....

Now a writer writes whenever an idea strikes, but for me, I toss them around in my mind for days on end, before I put my words into action, and even then, I would just jot down a few sentences, and then turn the computer off.

Well this has be happening for sometime now, and my energy level is very low, and my ideas are coming slowly, could it be my age, could it be my discouragement, could it be just about anything.

Still, I love to write. I love the concept of writing. I enjoy seeing what I write come alive on paper. Even if it no one publishes my stories, or produces my script, I still love to write. Now I just have to convince myself and believe in my own words.

I only stop myself, no one stops me. So a new beginning, this summer, I will write continuously and not think about being published, or if someone likes it or not, I will produce story after story, poem after poem and script after script, just for the sake of WRITING....

Now that I've made a commitment to myself. I want to drown in the written word. I want to live on a high instead of a low, and I want to see how far I can go

So for me Writing will always be FOREVER YOUNG

Friday, April 1, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/a dozen eggs

Today's just one of those days.  Had to get a few things at the store.  What do you think happened. I got home, bag in hand, and then dropped it.  Yes there were a dozen eggs in that bag, and I lost six. But  two were just cracked, the others a lost scramble eggs is on the way..

Does this give you an idea of what my day is like so far.

Well I'm not going to subject myself, or anyone else to my misfortune.

So I will visit my blog tomorrow.

Til then