Monday, February 7, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/ food/shopping

Well,  In my opinion, I think everyone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, including myself. I had a bad night's sleep, so I had a short fuse, and given my condition, maybe I should have stayed home. But my refrigerator and cabinets begged me to stock them with food. And since my friend needed to go shopping,  I decided to venture out of my safe haven.

But maybe I should have listen to my inner voice. Because while I was driving, the young people were in a hurry to get to their destination, passing everyone on the road, and the older people, maybe had no destination, by the way they were driving,  and I just wanted to get to my destination safely.

Mine you,  I have nothing against older people driving. I just want them to drive the speed limit, and I want the young people to obey the speed limits.  Is that asking for too much??

Finally I'd arrived at my friends place, and it was off to the supermarket. Once I walked into the store, I thought, maybe my day would go better,.... wrong....

I was looking for Hunts Tomato Sauce. Didn't see it. There was this gentlemen stocking items on the shelf, and I asked him if he had some in the back. While talking to him, this woman at the top of her lungs yelled "EXCUSE ME" then proceeded to drive her cart down the aisle, without given another thought to anyone who stood in her way. I almost lost it.  But didn't...  And I hate to say it, but this woman was like a nightmare. It seemed every aisle I went up, she was there. What did I do, to deserve this.

But as time went on,  the rest of my shopping adventure went pretty smoothly, so maybe I was coming out of this horrible state of mind, I was in.

With all of my shopping done, I waited for my friend to finish her shopping. So I sat on the bench by the cash register.

That's when my day really changed, for the better.

There was an attractive older woman, with silver gray hair, who needed help putting her few items into the bags, she brought from home. In fact, my mom lives in the same senior citizen complex.

She couldn't believe that I was helping her, which really wasn't much at all, and then thanked me. When she smiled it lit up her whole face.

When my friend told me she was ninety, I was amazed how independent she was. She was dressed in fashion, and wore a little make-up on her face,  She must have been a very beautiful young woman, because at her age, she still is.

My friend  then told me, as far as she knew,  she is a survivor, of the  Holocaust. she had survived the worst, and she is here today.

Therefore, this gentle and kind woman will always be FOREVER YOUNG.