Tuesday, February 22, 2011


There is no particular theme, or reason why I'm writing this blog.  I guess the idea came from watching Julie and Julia, only Julie had a set goal in mind. Writing a blog for 365 days while cooking recipes from Julia Child's book.

But I on the other hand, don't cook like Julia Child and never will. Not that  I'm a bad cook. After all I'm  Italian and I make one hell of a meat sauce, preferably with sausage, because that's what my husband likes.  And I have no particular goals in mind, or deadline to meet.

I just wanted to write.  I wanted to be free. I wanted go down memory lane and remember all of the funny things that happened. I just wanted to laugh, and have some fun...  

So whatever I write,  it will surprise me, as well as anyone else who wants to read  my blog.

and I will always be FOREVER YOUNG   

FOREVER YOUNG/Another Lucille moment

An incident from my youth.

We had an account at our local gas station in town, And on this particular day, I pulled into the gas station, and asked for $10.00 worth of gas.

The young guy let's call him Jimmy, left the nozzle in my car, and then walked away, Then he came back to check the pump, and walked away again.  So, I waited.  Then I saw Jimmy talking to this guy, and waving towards my direction at the same time, so naturally, I assumed he was telling me to leave.

When I started to drive away, all of a sudden, I heard Jimmy scream STOP!  So I slammed on the brake, opened the car door to see what he wanted, and that's when I saw gasoline flowing towards my car. I quickly grabbed my daughter from her car seat, and ran over to Jimmy, thinking my car was going to blow up.

When I looked over to the gas pump, I realized, I had pulled the pump, out of it's encased cement blocking.   I couldn't believe my eyes,  not to mention how embarrassed I was.

Then I told Jimmy, I saw him waving towards me, and thought he was telling me to leave, which of course was not the case. He was just giving someone directions, and happened to be pointing in my direction...

Well  Needless to say, they had to close the gas station for a day. Then the next day, there was only one gas pump working, until the other pump was fixed... and wouldn't you know the owner  had just left for vacation that very same day.

So for many years later, this incident was the talk of the town.... and the owner, a very good friend of ours, pleaded with me to stay away from his gas station, whenever he goes away on vacation..

But of course, I didn't. And I always made sure the gas nozzle, was back in it's proper place, before driving away.

So for me, this incident will always be FOREVER YOUNG