Saturday, March 17, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/the beauticians

Had a very bad morning.... went to take my mom to the beauty salon to get her hair washed and cut because I knew this would truly make her feel better. Of course she had to use her walker, and face mask so she didn't pick up any germs. It was the first time she's been out in public to do something for herself, besides going to the doctors,  and food shopping, which can be stressful in itself.  

But when we walked into the salon, in the mall, there was only one beautician, and two people, one woman, who was almost finished, and a young man, waiting for a haircut.

It was then the beautician asked if she could help us, and I said, "I would like to get a wash and haircut for my mom. She told me there would be a wait, and I said that's okay we'll wait.

And then  I asked if she was the only one, and she said yes, and then asked her where the owner was, and again she responded by saying she wouldn't be in today.  And that's when she said, she was already stressed out.

So when I said again, that we would wait, the beautician seemed to get annoyed, and kept insisting she didn't know how long we would have to wait.  But  I said, we drove a long way to get here, and I couldn't have my mother walk around the mall in her condition..  And in return, this beautician showed absolutely no empathy or compassion whatsoever.    She just didn't want to accept the fact, that we didn't mine waiting.

She kept saying  it could be sometime, before she could take my mom.  And that's when I got annoyed and shouted "are you refusing my mother to get a haircut and wash, and of course she denied this, but again repeated that it would be a while, and I in turn said that's okay, I'll wait, and then said to her, that she only has two people, but of course she responded quickly, by saying she had another appt. coming in,

I in turn said again, that we would wait, which seemed to really upset her now, and again asked if she was refusing to take care of my mom,  and she sarcastically responded, if you want to wait then fine, but again started making excuses.   Maybe she just didn't want to cut  and wash my mom's hair because of her disability..

It was then the beautician, went back to taking care of the other woman,   ignoring us, and that's when  I suggested to my mom, to go to another salon, where they also take walk-ins. But my mom decided to  asked the beautician one last time, " how long will it be"?

The beautician completely ignored her, and now I was annoyed, and shouted, excuse me, but my mom is asking you a question.  that's when she lashed back at me, and said she wasn't paying attention to her, but to me, and threatened to call security, if I didn't leave the premises, and I said, I will call the owner, and with that, I left.

Now if my mom wasn't in the shape she was, I would have stayed and waited for the security officer or call one myself, so I could tell him, this beautician wouldn't let us wait, and kept making excuses for us not to wait and that's how this confrontation began.....

And after all, she asked me, if she could help us.  And it is a business, in a mall, where people on a whim, go and get their hair cut etc....

So you see the day started out badly, but in the end, I took my mom to another salon, where we were treated nicely, and my mom was taken immediately.

The beautician did a beautiful job on her hair.  And mom never looked better,   And that made me feel much better.

And therefore, I've learned my lesson for the day.  If someone doesn't want to take care of you, it's their lost, not mine... I can't prove it was discrimination, or not, but this beautician ought to think twice about the field she's in, because even though she was stressed out, and I completely understand that, she shouldn't  have reacted in the manner she did, very unprofessional.  And because of that she's lost business for herself, and for the salon.