Sunday, February 20, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/through a comedian's eyes

l want to see life through a comedian's eyes.

Because they say laughter, is the best medicine, and I believe it is.

When I tune into my favorite shows, Hot in Cleveland,  the Golden Girls, or Seinfeld, there's a big weight lifted off my shoulders.  No longer do I dwell in the drama of reality,  I allow myself to escape into the world of comedy.

Comedians like Carol Burnette, Lucille Ball, and Bob Hope, made people laugh for a very long time. I believe all comedians past and present,.. have a rare and precious gift.  they make comedy look so easy,  when in fact, it's a lot of hard work.

I respect and appreciate what  comedians have done for society, because in  the toughest and most difficult times, of our lives, they make you forget about everything, at least for an hour or two

And I believe laughter wouldn't exist, or maybe very little of it, of it weren't for them.

So yes I would like to see my life through a comedians eyes, because I can laugh at myself  when things go wrong, and I'll know in time, everything will be just fine.

.So for me comedians are FOREVER YOUNG