Thursday, June 9, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/writing stands for passion

When you want your manuscript published or produced, the waiting game begins. One month turns into two, then three and then after six, you might as well say, bye, bye, their not interested.

In the meantime, your aging quickly.

And because rejection is hard to swallow, and I begin to procrastinate, and ask myself, over and over again,  "is anyone ever going to look at my material?"

But because I love to write, and it is my passion, then I will continue on this path. Unless I decide to quit. Which I don't anticipate. But  I have to admit, there are times when I just want to give up, and then I remind myself, of all the reasons why I love to write.

So, I will continue to write until I'm ninety-nine, or maybe to a hundred and nine, well that's getting a bit unrealistic, but not impossible.

Because whether it is on my blog, which actually helps me with the writing process. I will continue to develop more story lines, but mainly in my mind, because that's how it works for me. Then once I've figured out what I want to write about, then it's to the computer. Writing notes, etc. to formulate my story. . And yes, my goal is to get published, but then again, my goal is also fulfilling a need inside of me. And if I have to say, what's more important, I would say ME.

I know, in this world, there are so many gifted and talented people, trying their best, to get their work recognized. And it's sad, because some will never have that opportunity, while others will flourish in the industry.

But if they truly love to write, like I do, then they'll never stop. And they won't let anyone, or anything  stand in their way, of doing the one thing, they like to do, and that is to WRITE..

And it will be an added bonus, when one day, a letter appears in the mailbox saying, "we like to published or produce your manuscript."

So for me, writing will always be FOREVER YOUNG