Monday, June 6, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/the turtle in my backyard

A turtle was in my backyard. At first I was afraid. And yes I know, how can I be afraid of a little turtle, well I'm afraid of snakes too. And I didn't know if it was a snapping turtle, and didn't want it to bite me.

But of course my husband assured me, it was a box turtle, and harmless.

So it seems this turtle has become a part of our family, only it lives outside. No matter where my husband places the turtle, he or she keeps coming back. And they say turtles are slow, but I believe their faster then we think they are.  Whose fooling who?

And it seems my dogs Clyde and Ralph, are also curious about this unknown visitor, and how it landed on their turf. Yet they still welcome this turtle, and hopes he stays around to play with them for awhile. Of course they didn't tell me that, but every time I let them outside, the first thing they do is track that turtle down. And wouldn't you know it, they always seem to find him. But the turtle doesn't want any part of Clyde and Ralph, and hides his head inside his shell, whenever they get too close.

Yes this turtle has found a home, at least for now. And frankly I don't want him to leave. Now of course I'm assuming it's a he, but it could be a she and is just looking for a safe place to nest..... do turtles nest I don't know..... only time will tell.

So for me this box turtle will always be FOREVER YOUNG