Sunday, February 19, 2012

FORVER YOUNG/rye bread and chicken

Okay this is not about eating rye bread or chicken, it's about going to the grocery store and buying rye bread and chicken.

First let's start with the RYE BREAD.  I went to the  bakery department, and looked for marble rye bread. BUT  I didn't realize it was from another store, until I approached a girl from the bakery, and asked if they had this particular marble rye bread. That's when I admitted my error.

But I guess this girl,  felt the need to give me a lesson on marble rye bread, since she's the one who does all the ordering.

Any other time, I might have been more patient,  but since I spent hours at the hospital with my mom,. I really didn't need this, and I already had picked out another rye bread, which I was holding in my hand.

But still this girl insisted on telling me there is no difference between marble rye bread, and jewish rye marble rye bread, etc..etc.. But I didn't like the latter, because it was too hard. Nothing against the Jewish rye bread.... it was a matter of preference, which I tried to explain to this girl, and again she tried to give me her expert opinion..

Now my patience finally at its limit, so I proceeded to tell her, "I've shopped at this grocery store for sixteen years, and I've never had a dispute over something so ridiculous as RYE BREAD"....

She of course apologized for getting me so upset, but that wasn't until I told her, my mom was in the hospital. And that I was already upset, and didn't need this aggravation over rye bread.

I guess if it had been under different circumstances, I would have been more tolerant of this LIFE'S LESSON, and probably would have laughed  at the whole situation.

But on that day, all I wanted to do was SCREAM and shout, and then RUN away from her, and her analogy on RYE BREAD,

Now on to the CHICKEN.  Since I was too tired to cook, I bought two roasted cooked chickens and of course some sides of potato salad, and cole slaw and of course the RYE BREAD.

And then I walked up front, and placed my items on a counter, with no light or person at the register. I assumed it was safe to go back and grab the applesauce which I had forgotten.. but not without telling another cashier, that I was leaving my things on the counter behind her.  But when I returned, my CHICKENS, along with my other items were gone.

Like an idiot, I walked up and down the aisle searching for my chickens..  and shouting, "where did I leave them",  I knew they couldn't have jumped off the counter and run then a little voice shouted back, "I have them over here."

They were at the same place I originally left them... only the light was on, a customer was in line, and a cashier, who wasn't there before, was showing me where she placed my chickens. Right next to her, at the register...

But I must say, before that cashier responded to my plea, I thought, I was losing my mind... which isn't hard to do these days....

Comical to say the least, but since I spent four hours at the hospital, And I was really tired,  I really didn't need to add this to my already full  and emotional plate... wouldn't you agree..

Rye Bread and Chicken, will never be FOREVER YOUNG.

Friday, February 17, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/spending time with my mom

It's been a trying couple of weeks.  Going back and forth with my mom to the doctors.  She is now is the hospital and getting the care she needs... Hopefully will be home by Monday.

She will be stabilized, and I hope to have her around for as long as God intends.... We can never set a time limit on one's life, that's only his department, so what we can do is enjoy every moment with the ones we love and care for.

And treat every day as a precious one, because unfortunately, it can be taken for granted, given our busy daily life schedules.....

So for me, spending time with my Mom, will always be FOREVER YOUNG.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/the sleeper finally arrives today

It's been a pretty hectic week so far... taking my mom back and forth to the Doctors.  She's feeling a little better, so hopefully she'll be as spry as ever.  But given the fact that she's 88 years old, I'm just fortunate to have her with me, and I'M enjoying every moment we spend together.

Time is only a number, but it's what you do with that time, matters....

And today, finally her sleeper couch arrives. It's only been since November 28th when the order was placed, and to say the least, I will  never order another item from this store.

A customer has rights and yet I find many places of business feel they are doing you a favor instead of the other way around. um, don't they need you the customer to have a business, or maybe they just should close the doors and go under, because that's what will happen if they continue to treat people in the manner unbecoming a professional .

So for me this is the end of this chapter, and now I know my mom can rest easy, because she now has a sleeper with good springs instead of bad...


Saturday, February 11, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/saturday, a snowy rainy day to just relax

Saturday, and it's a snowy rainy day.  A good day to just sit back and read a good book, or watch your favorite television show or movie.... or just spend the day in bed with your loved one, and eat breakfast, lunch or dinner in between....  don't think there is an age limit on this.. do you?  Unless you have small children, and this might be a difficult task to undertake, lol... so spend the day playing with them, games, etc. etc. etc... there is always time later, when they are in bed.....sound asleep, at least you hope they are..

Well given all of the above, I will be spending the day fine tuning my short story, for the last time...  I've only been working on this story for weeks, and it's only 500 words.... but oh those 500 words say a lot. and whatever happens, we shall see.... hopefully in my favor.... not asking much. Well maybe I am...

that's about it for now.. so for  all my loyal readers, have a great day, because you will always be FOREVER YOUNG..

Monday, February 6, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/ a bowl of cherries.. maybe

Whoever said life is a bowl of cherries, well I like to know where that person got his, because apparently the ones I buy are tasteless and useless to say the least.

But if you should find some, that makes your life so fine, then please let me know, because I could sure use some ....get up and go.... a little corny don't you think?  But I've had a few glasses of wine, and my mind is certainly on another path  who knows,.......

So this will be a short blog, and for me a bowl of cherries, will be sometimes or maybe not FOREVER YOUNG

FOREVER YOUNG/baking all kinds of breads

I've been on a bread kick lately.  Not eating it, but making it.

So far I've made Pumpkin Bread, Banana Bread and my favorite Applesauce Bread, and boy did that come out delicious,, at least that's what I was told.  But really I haven't eaten any of it.  okay that might be a little white lie. I had a small piece of each, but guess who ate the bulk of it... that's right my husband.

Now I will make another applesauce bread, since we went to a super bowl party yesterday, and brought the bread over to our hosts, which left nothing for my poor husband, who really isn't supposed to have much sugar, so I think for this recipe, I'll cut the sugar in half, and I'm sure it will still taste great... or at least I hope it does.

so for me baking bread, of all delicious kinds, will be FOREVER YOUNG

Saturday, February 4, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/the writing force event(seminar)

Preparing for our Writing Force Event at the library.  All my members will be reading excerpts from their novels. They will also be reading their short stories and poetry.

Also some of my teens will perform dialogue from screenplays written by their group...

Hope to have a great outcome, because this is open to the public, and it's already been listed in the Calendar of Events..

I also have some members who are artists and they will also  display some of their artwork and sculpting.

It should be a great time for everyone,  And of course refreshments will be available...

 This event will take place in April.... can't believe that Spring is just around the corner...

so for me I will always try to be FOREVER YOUNG

Friday, February 3, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/my sleepy dog Clyde

My dog Clyde really believes he's a human being.  For example.  Sometimes my husband gets up in the middle of the night and raids the refrigerator. And of course with all the banging around in the kitchen, which is right across from our bedroom. I wake up.  And who do I see next to me, my dog Clyde. His head is on the pillow and his body is spread out, and he's sound asleep. Didn't take him long to jump into my husbands place.... if he could talk, I imagine he would say, this is certainly heaven, now I have my own pillow..

To think I went to bed with my husband, and woke up staring at my dog.... Is there a difference??? lol..

Well they do have something in common, their bark is worse then their bite... lol.

hows that for some humor on this early friday morning.  Nothing like getting ready to start the weekend with a laugh... does a person good.  don't you agree?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/mom has walking pneumonia

It's almost the end of the week.  Been a busy week with mom having walking pneumonia, which we didn't know until last week, after her chest x-ray....

And I' m also thankful, that the antibiotics are working, and she's getting plenty of rest. Of course the doctor wanted to put her in the hospital, but given her stubborn Italian nature, she wouldn't go... and I believe that's why the doctor wanted to put her in.. But I think being in her own environment helps, and as long as she does what the doctor says, then I know she'll be okay.

Then it's off to the blood doctor next week, just to make sure everything else is alright. But as you know she is 88 years old, and I'm so fortunate to have her, and that she hasn't been sick and this is the first, okay maybe the second time, since her blood pressure was so high two years ago, that a blood vessel broke in her eye, and she had to have surgery, and boy was that a trip.... but thank God she came through that fine...and now this present situation.....

And during the course of the last few weeks, my husband has also been going through his tests, generally more of a yearly physical,  And my twin sister is also going through tests, which I feel will be okay as well, she also is going through a yearly physical.....

But I know it could be a lot worst, right?.. and because when you hear other people's problems, you thank God, that yours are not as bad,.... If we only knew what life has in store for us, but that's one of the mystery's of our existence, right?

So for me, I will continue to take this one day at a time, and will try not to imagine the worst, which is hard for me to do, since I can be very negative at times, but then again,  I can also be very positive, so I guess it balances itself out... and I  pray for the best outcome for my family, and of course, for all of you, who are going through similar situations.

The world is beautiful, but more then that, the people who make up this world are beautiful, and hopefully will continue to be....and I wish health, success and prosperity for everyone...

So for me, never giving up hope, will always be FOREVER YOUNG

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/the saga of the couch has ended

It's finally over, and I will be refunded back my money from this horrible company.  Although that could take up to 20 days ... go figure that one... but after this, I couldn't possibly take their merchandise... and I will never walk into this store or buy anything from this store ever again.

They have lied to me so many times, and changed the date of my delivery so many times that my head is spinning from it... and the only people  who suffered from all this is my 88 year old mom, and myself, because this was to be her Christmas present, and now we're into February and still no sleeper..

I'm sure many of you, have had similar experiences or maybe not, but you get to the point where you wonder how these people stay in business, especially with the economy the way it is.

I'm sure after time goes by, I will put a comedic twist to this whole situation, but because it's so fresh in my mind, and  all the aggravation they caused me, it will take some time to smolder the fire that is still brewing inside of me.

this incident will never be FOREVER YOUNG