Sunday, February 6, 2011


 I wish I had my wit about me today, but it seems that my energy level is very very low because I went to my cousin's 60th birthday party, of course had a few glasses of wine, and given my title Forever Young, at least for now, I don't feel that way.   And  the fact that someone said to me," I know you, didn't we meet at a funeral", and I had to think for a moment, who died?  Then checked my brain to see if everyone I knew was still alive... and after accounting for everyone I knew, it dawn on me that we met at my niece's wedding, which garnered a laugh from both of us.. and another strange thing happened,  I felt like my mother sitting at the table, she was my age, and when did that happen.

But I didn't write this blog about being young, or old. It's about memories, about how other's lives affect mine in one way or another, and situations that occurred in their lives, funny or not. And it's about dreams and goals, coming true or not ...I've left the list wide open....

Because life goes on, and with it comes many challenges. I've accomplished many, and still have more to overcome, so this blog might go on forever, no pun intended,  FOREVER YOUNG..