Wednesday, March 9, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG:/blog blues gone

The blog blues are gone, for now... and I hope it doesn't come back again... so I look forward to writing on my blog, and for those who are enjoying what I say, thank you.....


It seems everyone can relate to having dreams, and for me it's an ongoing thing.  Like the other day, I dreamt of the number, 910 and had my husband play it.  He did for both mid-day and night but guess what, I didn't win, and guess again, yes, the first two numbers 91 came out but ended in an 8 instead of a 0.

How frustrating is that.  But there was a time when my dream did get the numbers right......

We were driving on a highway, I was of course behind the wheel. My mother was a front passenger. Can't remember who was in the backseat.  As I'm driving all of a sudden my mom reaches for my steering wheel and we veered off to the side and toppled over the bridge.  But we didn't go down instead we were floating in the air, and in the distant I saw headlights following.

We landed on solid ground. There was this big statue in front of us. I got out of the car and went around the statue.  All of a sudden a man comes out of the ground, dressed in long robe. He looked at me and said it 's thirty-eight minutes to show time.   That's when I woke up. What a crazy dream.

 I looked at the clock and it was 4am.  I never played a number before, to me it was senseless, but something told me to play these numbers.  At first.  I was going to play 438, but the man said 38 so instead played 380, straight and box.

That night, my husband was asleep on the couch, and I was glued to the tv set, waiting for the lottery numbers to be called. Then I heard my number 380. I had won both ways. I  jumped up and down, laughing and screaming that I won, and this of course woke up my husband.

He couldn't believe that I won, let alone the dream I had. The next day, I proudly went to the store to claim my winnings and walked out with $300.00.  Now if only I could have won the $30,000.00 I dreamt of last week, but who knows it still could happen.

Some of my dreams are strange, full of adventure, excitement, and I'm happy to say, most of my dreams don't come true, I would be too exhausted and stressed out... but I 'm  thankful this dream came out.

So whenever I dream of numbers win or loose, I will play them, because you just never know.

And if you happen to dream of a number, don't discard it, go play it, because you just might be a winner.

because for me, dreams will always be FOREVER YOUNG