Saturday, February 12, 2011


Well it's back- tracking into the past again.  Last time I  told you about the rooster, and ended my story by introducing  two goats named Loopy and Loppy..

My husband knew someone, who was getting rid of two goats, and he took pity on them, and that's how we ended up with two goats in my front yard.  We named  they loopy and loppy, because their ears were lopsided and drooped. You just  had to laugh at this picture. And the fact that I still didn't have a shed or a fenced in yard to put them in, was asking for trouble.  But no need to worry, it's not like the rooster, that we brought in from the cold,  it was summer and these goats would definitely not step foot, or hoof in my house..

So as Loopy and Loppy settled in, I'm asking myself, when I said I Do,  did I realize what I was

The next few days were my greatest challenge,  walking outside of my house, without stepping on loopy and loppy's  tiny brown pebbles. They were everywhere.  And every night after work, my husband would rake up the mess. You don't think I would do it.....

Then one day, I walked out of my house, and what do you think happened.  The goats were gone.  I wonder why, could it be they weren't tied up.. but my husband assured me, they would never leave the property..  well try telling the goats that, because they just disappeared.  

Now picture me calling them by their names, "Loopy, Loppy where are you" do you think they knew who they were, and did I know anything about goats, NO. And of course my  husband was at work and the kids at school. So it was up to me to find them..

If my memory serves me right, I heard noise, and ran towards it.  What did I see,  two goats munching on some flowers by the side of the road. Oh,  did  I mention we lived on a dirt road, about a mile off the highway. Thank goodness they didn't go that way.

 I chased them back up to the house with a towel in my hand.  And when my husband came home, I told him what happened, of course he only laughed.

So the next day, he took some long rope and two tires, and tied each goat to one.  He thought that would take care of the problem of them wondering off, WRONG...those two goats managed to drag that tire down the road, and you guessed in, munching on flowers, that were slowly disappearing.

Well finally my husband found a place where loopy and loppy could wander, and eat all the grass and flowers they wanted.  They were given to a good home. And yes, I did miss them, but not the tiny brown pebbles they left behind.

Oh another thing. When my husband pulled up to the gas station, taking our goats to their new home, the gas attendant heard this racket in the back of the truck.   My husband's remark to him, "you just can't get good help today."  So the attendant decided to take a peek, and got the shock of his life. He must have jumped ten feet high.

Oh yes Loopy and Loppy,  will always be FOREVER YOUNG.