Friday, March 4, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/wouldn't it be a great life if?

Wonder what it would be like, if I didn't have to pay bills.

Maybe there should be a cut off time, like when you reach the age of 55, and someone says, "You no longer have to pay a bill, because you've earned the right to live in this world free of charge."

Wow, what a great thought...

So when I go to sleep at night, and by chance have a dream, at least that's free right?  Or is it?

I mean sometimes I'll have a bad dream, and wake up feeling miserable and angry, and now my whole day is ruined because  I'm in a bad mood, and have to pretend everything is alright, when it's not.

Or when I have a fantastic dream, like vacationing on a cruise ship to nowhere, and then wake up happy, and all smiles, only to realize I'm still in bed, and that my dream played a cruel and vicious joke on me.

And then sometimes I'll have a strange or weird dream, and ask myself, what did you eat last night? I better not eat that again, it didn't sit too well in my stomach, at least that's how I'll analyze it, because what else could it be..

Oh yes wouldn't it be a great life, if only you could live, and dream freely, without paying a price..