Tuesday, June 28, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/day of incidents.... you just may have a laugh or two..

Today started out just like any other day, except for one incident. Okay maybe two.  I still think I missed my calling as a comedian.  I would certainly be a natural.

Well this is what happened. (the first incident) My husband and I went to WAWA. When he got out of the car, for some reason the lights near the visor wouldn't shut off. So I got out of the car to check the driver's side. But when I went to open the door, it was locked. So I went back to my side and yes you guessed it, that door was also locked.

Now what do I do. My husband was in the WAWA, and I was locked out of the car, of course my keys and pocketbook were also locked inside.... I tried not to panic, I really did... and I succeeded until my husband appeared.

I told him, we were locked out of the car. It's not my fault. I don't know what happened. And since this is a new car, well 2009, and I've only owned the car for two weeks....I'm still learning how everything works.

So now my husband is just leaning against the car. He still can't believe what happened, while I searched frantically through the book, that I managed to get out of the glove compartment, because I left my window half-way open.

I think the code numbers were somewhere in the book, but of course I was wrong. I never wrote them down.  The salesman told me that if I left my keys in the car by accident, there is a code number I can use to open my door.... Is there a genie around to grant my wish???

Then suddenly like magic, I remembered the numbers. The door opened and we were on our way.

I still don't know how both doors locked, a mystery I'm sure will never be solved. Unless it happens again, which I hope it doesn't..

Now the second incident, although not as dramatic as the first.

We were riding down the road, and suddenly my cell phone rang.  Looked inside my pocketbook, no cell phone. Yet we kept hearing it ring.  Now mind you, I wondered how my cell phone jumped out of my purse, and landed somewhere on the floor.  Since I remember putting my phone in the zipper part of my bag,

When we got to our destination. My husband got out of the car, and started looking for my phone and so did I, when suddenly I felt something in my pocket.  Yes you may laugh.  Because it was my cell phone
Funny my pocket didn't fell like it was ringing.

Needless to say I need a very long vacation. A well deserved one at that. But as reality has it, my vacation will probably turn into three or four days tops...  At least that's our goal for the summer. Or will it be the fall.... who knows, at this point, I just want a glass of wine, and forget how this day began..

So I'll mark this day, as something I don't want it to be, FOREVER YOUNG.