Friday, April 22, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/I will always root for the underdog

 I always root for the underdog. That's right.

Anyone who works hard, to achieve their goals, and how they struggle to get there, I'm right there rooting them on.

 If I was at a horse race, and there's a horse that's a long shot to win,  I bet on that horse, because I always root for the underdog, even if that underdog looses, in my eyes they are still a winner..

Or when I'm watching a film, like  Rudy, who followed his dream of going to Notre Dame, and joining the football team.  He achieved his goals and earned the respect of his fellow players and coach, but most of all the respect of his father and brothers.   He made them believe, that no matter what your status in life is, you don't have to let that stand in the way, of your success.

And let's not forget Susan Boyle. A woman who was definitely an underdog, judged by her looks and age, proved to have a beautiful and powerful voice, and became a star  in her own right. There's still hope for baby boomers...Horray!

I can go on and on, but I'll just end it with this. For me the underdog will always be  FOREVER YOUNG


Doris Day's is 88....a year older then my mom.. And  today, on television they are showing some of her many films, in commemoration of this beautiful and talented woman.

I admire Doris Day, because of her many talents. She has a voice of an angel, and is a great actress, who  performed  in all types of films, comedy, drama, and musicals. She also received the Cecil B.De Mille Lifetime Achievement Award, I believe at the age of 44.. And a Grammy Lifetime in music award, February, 2008.

She lit up the screen with her beautiful blonde hair, and blue eyes. And  had a smile that was, and I'm sure still is, contagious.  Making me wish at times, I looked liked her, when I was younger... and yes I grew up watching her films, and enjoyed every one of them.

Not only a great singer and actress, she is an animal activists. Her love and passion for the rights of animals  and fighting against animal cruelty, has been recognized by many, over the years.

I've heard that children and animals, are the best judge of people. If they sense a kind and gentle person, they are very receptive to your attention. And that's Doris Day.

So for me Doris Day will always be FOREVER YOUNG