Sunday, October 14, 2012

FOREVER YOIUNG/my bird carlo

Today, I lost my bird Carlo.. He lived a good full life, (over ten years old)   And I never got to say goodbye, or to talk to him this morning....  and for that I will always be sad.. It was when I went to feed him and Lola, that I saw him lying on the bottom of the cage... I really don't want to write how I re-acted, but the pain is still in my heart.

When my husband brought him home, (a rescue bird( At first I didn't want him, because at that time I had five dogs. (poodles), and didn't need another animal to take care of, but like anything else, I grew to love him.   And he became a part of our family.

I guess, I just wanted him like my five poodles (who have all died and went to animal heaven),  to live forever, just like everyone else that I love and care for.. But we all have a shelf time, and it's how we live in that time, and love in that time that is so important...

Carlo might have only been a bird, but he had personality, he made me laugh, he sang every morning, and always greeted me, and I in turn would greet him..

Now Lola is lonely, and I think she will need some company, because I don't want her to be alone. So  soon, I will get her another companion, that will help ease her pain... ... never replacing Carlo  but just giving another a home,  to be loved and nurtured..

So for me my lovely and handsome bird Carlo, will always be FOREVER YOUNG