Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day.  And if you didn't, well there is always next year, right, so don't give up the ship, there's always hope.

For me, my Valentine's day was somewhat unusual. I don't know if it's because I'm married so long, but regardless, no matter how long you've been with your sweetheart,  you are still a woman, and want to feel special, at least on this particular day. And I'm sure you will agree with me...

My day started out fine. It was my husband's pool league night, but he said it was more important to spend time with me.  I was truly honored....So we decided to go out early, you know the old folks going out early and wanting to get home to plop in front of the tv set, ready to watch their favorite show.

But while we were out, my husband's cell phone rings.  Should have told him to keep that darn phone in  the car..

It was someone from his pool league. They told him one guy didn't show up to play pool, and even though he told them, he couldn't make it that night, you know Valentine's Day, they just couldn't do without him.

My wife will understand,  that he had to bail  out the guys...  "Wrong".  Well not entirely, I did understand, in fact, I told him to go to pool league that night, and we'll go out another time, but he insisted taking me out, so I won't paint him as a really bad guy..

So yes, the ever loving and understanding wife, drove him to the pool hall and dropped him off. A little kiss just to tell me that he still loves me...

But imagine going on a date with your husband and then dropping him off at the pool hall, while you're left to drive home all alone on the most romantic day of the year..

Walking into my front door, my two dogs greeted me, then noticed my husband wasn't with me, they ran all over the house looking for him, because when they looked out the window and saw all three vehicles in my driveway, they just didn't understand what happened to their master.  How can I tell the dogs, that my husband chose to play pool over taking his wife home.

Well right to the refrigerator I went, poured myself a nice glass of wine, ate a sandwich, then off to bed. Oh yes, my husband did get a ride home from one of the guys, that's the least they could do for bailing them out.

so for me, Valentines Day will still always be, FOREVER YOUNG.