Saturday, March 26, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/ my acting days, and Law and Order

The actress in me, has been put away. And maybe someday, I'll start again.  But that's how I got interested in writing, and producing my own scripts.

And the reward of fulfilling a dream surpasses any money that I made, or better yet, the money I didn't make..

I first got interested in the acting industry, when I took my son for drum lessons at an Art Center.  There were chairs set up in the room, and I was curious to find out why. so I asked the man who was in charge, what was going on... He told me, he was an acting teacher, and was having classes here.

Something inside of me exploded.  Could I at my age, start acting classes. I mean, was I too old, even though I was in my thirties, but late late thirties to be exact. He said "of course, there is no age limit in acting."

And that's how my acting career began.

I was so vulnerable, and naive because I wanted so much, to be a part of this industry, but never realized the frustrations, disappointments, and pitfalls that came with the territory.

So it was a great education. A self-education... and over the course of many years, I learned a lot..  But no matter what happened, I wouldn't have traded my experiences for the world.  It was like riding a roller coaster, with its many ups and downs. The thrill of the ride made me want more.

My first real acting scene was in a teleplay, "The Bleeding Tree." My character was an eccentric aunt who thought she was in love with the President of the United States.  It was a fun part to play. I had to speak in a southern accent. Imagine that, my first real scene.

I went on to other projects.. I was an extra, who played a reporter in Law and Order, for all of one minute.  I met Jerry Orbach, he was such a nice man, and  Chris North, who I had the pleasure of talking to.

 In fact, I asked for his autograph, a no no I found out later from my fellow actors... because after all, I was an actor too... but he didn't mine.  I told him the autograph was for my nine year old daughter, but it really was for me... a little white lie, but I'm sure he would have laughed about that.... Unfortunately, I lost the autograph somewhere, and was very upset..  Oh Well..

Then worked on such films like "The Long Kiss Goodnight, and Snake Eyes", but of course got edited out of the picture, which is not unusual in this business.. I worked long hours, but loved every moment of it.. and would you believe, I almost got a speaking part, because I had the right jacket,  but  if I didn't know how to act, well you can imagine. lol..

I can go on and on, but won't.

I love this business, and I love writing about it. I'm not a well known anything, I'm just someone who appreciates just having the opportunity, of being part of a this wonderful creative world.

So for me, I will always love and have a passion for acting and writing..