Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I guess everyone has their good and bad days.

And I can handle many situations, and keep my cool,  but when my mother, my brother and my husband get sick or have medical  problems at the same time, then my immune system just shoots into overdrive.

not to mention, that I'm still battling this neck and back injury for 14 years now, and this just keeps adding to the pot.. and it's a pain in the you know what, pun intended..

And I also have a son living at home, grown man, just completed his degree and has not been able to find a job, yet, but then again he only finished the end of Dec.  So hopefully in a few months he will be up and running. But given the job situation and where I live, I doubt it will happen soon, but then again I've been wrong before. OH PLEASE LET ME BE WRONG THIS

But again as life has it, you just have to grin and bare it and hope you get through all of this in one piece..

Still if I could find another way to unwind, like go on a trip to no where, and breathe in the beauty of nature and hear the sounds of birds and water,  that would be like winning the lottery, but instead I just have to imagine these things in my mind, and hope my imagination gets me to that  place...a long shot, I know, but worth the try.. lol..

So for now, I'm putting this to rest, well not really. But I do hope that tomorrow will be the beginning of better days ahead...or a better day ahead...