Thursday, February 13, 2014

FOREVER YOUNG-my family of dogs..

Yes I know, it's been a few days, or is it weeks, cannot keep track anymore, but here I am, once again.

Nothing exciting going on except the fact, as I mentioned before, that our new addition to our family, which of course is my dog toy poodle Toby is keeping me young....which isn't too bad, since I'm getting old.... or maybe he's reminding me I'm getting old, and I just want to be young..

But he fits right in with my other two, actually almost too perfect, because he is actually imitating everything our dog Ralph does.  He even sits like him, goes out and rolls in the snow like him, and he also has an appetite just like him, and if you could see Ralph, you would know what I mean. And if  I can ever figure out how to post a picture on my blog, you'll understand what I'm talking about.

And of course I cannot leave Clyde out,  unfortunately Toby has imitated his barking, which frankly, I don't need.  And when Ralph chimes in, I have my own personalized Glee Club.. But Clyde is getting better with him, actually running around the house chasing and playing with him, but I think he's beginning to feel his age, and he's not that old, but Toby can certainly outrun him, and all I hear is Clyde crying or whining, because he can't keep up with him, that's for sure.

And can't forget about the treats... he begs, yes begs, like Ralph and Clyde combined.  And when we have food, he whines, telling us to give him some, this I don't need...bad habit, and  that I will certainly blame on my husband....... he knows what I'm talking about......after all he's the one who started it.... men... and they always blame everything on the woman, go figure...

I also realize in my last blog, I mentioned my dogs, but there are some days you just can't stop talking about them, because they make me laugh, and make me crazy, and make each day different....and this is one of those days, with the snow on the ground, and rain in the air, and more impending snow on the way.... what's a person to do, except look into those six beady eyes, looking up at you with unconditional love, knowing they are safe and secured, because they know, animals cannot take care of themselves, without the care and affection of a  human touch.... 

So for me, my family of dogs, will always keep me FOREVER YOUNG.