Monday, January 31, 2011


I always loved tap dancing. When I was a very little girl, I couldn't wait to see  Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Ginger Rogers, and Ann Miller perform. (Well not exactly in person, of course, but on my television set).  I always felt happy while watching them dance.. And naturally I would try to mimic their steps, even though I didn't know what I was doing.

These dancers were my inspiration.

But the reality was, my mother couldn't afford to buy tap shoes, so instead my sister and had to take ballet lessons, less expensive shoes back then. No offense, but I didn't like ballet, and my sister, who is also my fraternal twin didn't like ballet either.  And I didn't know any famous ballet dancers, so needless to say, after one dance recital, I never ballet again.

When my boys were three years old, and yes they are also twins and identical at that,  I felt it was time to pursue my dream.  I signed up for private lessons at a local dance studio. It was one morning a week, while my boys were in nursery school.,  And wouldn't you know, a man was my teacher. Mr. Mack... At first I felt intimidated, but as I got used to his tone of voice, and my awkwardness of learning the steps, I was in my glory, but I also realized how easy Fred, Gene, Ginger and Ann made it look, when in fact it was a lot of  hard work and discipline. They just make it look effortless.

Well as time went on, I got pregnant again. Had a little girl, this time.  But when my little girl started kindergarden, I enrolled in another local dance studio, this time it would be with women of all ages... and a female teacher.  Sorry to say, I forgot her name. the mind goes first you know.. It was then I performed on a real stage for the first time, even though our dance performance was held at our local high school, it was a place where the High School performed their musicals etc. And what a thrill it was, and so much fun to show everyone what I'd learned, especially my family.  I'll never forget that feeling. What a shot to my ego.

Okay maybe I didn't become a well-known dancer, but I got a small taste of what my favorite dancers must have felt when they performed. And my dream did come true.

Of course, I eventually put those tap dancing shoes away, but I'll always have my memories of performing just like Fred, Gene, Ginger and Ann.  They are dancing in heaven now, bringing great joy to others who never had the opportunity to see them in person, at least that's what I'd like to believe, wouldn't you.

So I will say to you, Fred, Gene, Ginger and Ann, you will always be FOREVER YOUNG.