Monday, July 11, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/my non-stick frying pan, really?

It's suppose to be a non-stick frying pan, but try telling the frying pan that.  Yes it's easy to clean  the pan, that's true, but that doesn't help the fact, that I just ruined an omelet, and some pancakes because the food stuck, to the non-stick frying pan.

So can I always believe what the labels on a product say? Will it make my life easier as it predicts? How do I know the product really works, unless I buy it, and use it?  

Yes I know,,, I could throw the frying pay away, but for some odd reason I can't.   Because I keep hoping it will surprise me,  That the next time I cook something, it won't stick.  And I will be absolutely thrilled.  Because it  functioned  the way it was supposed to.

Unfortunately, to date,  it hasn't surprised me yet.

Oh yes buying products, and using them is all part of the merry go round of life. Because you as a consumer, were told these products would make your life easier, only to find out it did the opposite.

So I guess for me,  my non-stick frying pan, will always be, one of many challenges. I'll face when buying a new product..