Friday, April 18, 2014

FOREVER YOUNG-my family of animals

Hi Everyone

Want to wish you a Happy Easter and thought I would share some pictures of my dog family with you.

There isn't much to tell. It's been a long year so far, but hopefully things will begin to look up and I'll be able to share with you the lighter side of life, and this begins with added pictures of my family of animals which include two birds Lola and Snowy.

Hope you like, them and if you do, please share your comments... Would very much like you to become a follower of my blog.

First picture are my two birds. Second picture is our new addition Toby, 7mths old. Third picture is Clyde and the third are all of my dogs, Ralph, who we nicknamed Lumplard, Clyde and Toby.

So for now, stay and be FOREVER YOUNG.