Monday, April 18, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/my stomach does flip flops whenever

Today was another excursion to the supermarket, with my mom, of course.  It was the normal Monday shopping day, and thankfully nothing happened out of the ordinary....

Except, after all these years of food shopping, I'm now beginning to (really) hate it.

Honestly if I didn't need food to survive, I wouldn't eat. Maybe one day there will be a pill that will fulfill, all my nutritious needs, and yes I know, that's a little extreme, because I do like my steak and chicken.. And naturally deserts, like apple pie, ice cream and anything that's chocolate, But whenever I walk into a supermarket, my stomach starts doing flip flops.

And it's not because I didn't eat, or  because I ate something bad, it's because the price of food has escalated, and that's what gives me a stomach ache..

There's also an old saying, eat something before food shopping, because if you don't, you'll buy everything in sight, and throw everything in the cart, without giving it another thought. Then realize you went overboard, when the cashier tells you, how much it all cost.

And the stomach does more flip flops, as you walk out the door.

So yes I'm beginning to hate food shopping, and those prices have to come down, down, and down to be. FOREVER YOUNG