Friday, December 21, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG- acknowledging all the good kids in the world

Had the writing force Christmas Party last night, and it went well, considering it we only had the room for two hours, and it went by fast.. but everyone had  a good time, and this is the last year I'll be with my teens since they are all graduating and going off to college.  I will miss them so much, but as life goes on, and they will do great things, because these kids are the future, and there are some really great kids in this world..

So I want to acknowledge all the good kids in this world, who are trying to make a difference... We dwell too much on the bad teens, the bad kids, and the good ones get lost along the wayside..

And with that I will say Happy Holidays to everyone who reads my blog, and may the New Year be a good one for all..

Hopefully I will share some great stories with you in the New Year........and I hope you tune in.. My blog might not be like Julia Julia, but that's okay, I write this blog because I enjoy it, and will continue to do so, even if I have one reader.. and if I can make one person smile or make one person's day, then I've accomplished a lot.

Until next year


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG- thank you for letting me share my thoughts

My heart and prayers go out to the 26 adults and children that were killed in Newtown, Conn. Elementary School.

If anything is to be learned from this horrible and tragic situation, I hope it's a better understanding, and compassion for human life.......and how precious it is,,,,,and how quickly it can be taken away..

Now my opinions, on how I feel about....

GUN CONTROL.... honestly if someone wanted to get hold of a gun, they will always find a way, and unfortunately hurt others or themselves along the way. Yet I feel we need to put more restrictions... and that is better background checks for all types of guns purchased.. regardless what they are being used for.


Sometimes without realizing it, we go through life  moving from one situation to another, without feeling or thinking... We seem to be motivated by machines, and interaction with people on a social level has truly lost it's way and charm.  People just don't know how to communicate with one another.... with e-mails and text messaging, who needs to maybe it's time to put away the computers, phones, video games etc. for a short time, and spend more time with family.. get to know them, again, understand them, and tell them you are interested in their lives, and you are always there for them, if they need someone to talk to..


Not all people with this disease are dangerous and so many people have achieved success and living the best way they can..  So should we undo everything that the medical industry has achieved so far. S..SO  PLEASE  don't label mental illness as dangerous, WE'VE COME SO FAR, LET'S NOT GO BACKWARD, INSTEAD LET'S GET MORE INFORMATION OUT THERE SO THE PUBLIC IS MORE AWARE,.. EDUCATION IS THE BEST MEDICINE..

I believe many doctors still don't understand mental illness, they only know how to treat it with medication, therefore, they are taking care of the physical aspect, the brain.... and that in itself is a miracle, because many many years ago people with mental illness were locked away like animals,,  becoming prisoners of this misunderstood disease, and the only harm these people did, was being sick... they just needed someone to care, and see that they needed medicine, like anyone else with an illness...


Last but not Least...... I hope faith and prayers will be  brought back into everyone's lives.... This I believe, helps you get through many obstacles in life...  regardless of your denomination.......

And if anyone doesn't believe in God, then believe in yourself as a good human being... caring about others.... and respecting others one should be force their beliefs on others, because it is truly an individual decision on how they want to live their life...and it's what makes them happy...

Thank you for letting me vent and share my opinions and thoughts with you today.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/The Day at The Vet

As some of you might know, I have two dogs a Westie and a Westie Poo..

Ralph is  5years old and Clyde is 3 years old.

My dog Clyde was not feeling good. He wouldn't eat anything, and was having problems well, we won't say, and that's when we knew it was time to take him to the vet.. Only problem, the last two vets I took him to, I didn't like, so we had to search for another one.  And yes we did find one.

So off to the vet my husband and Clyde went.... and of course I waited at home since I'm the biggest coward when it comes to doctors, any doctors...well that's just me, but it doesn't mean I don't like them, it's just that I want to stay as far away from them as I can..  Now you can just imagine how I was, when I took my kids to the doctors.

Well  back to the story... I didn't have to wait long.

My husband said Clyde had a slight fever, and the Vet gave him some pills to take, '1/2 tablet in the morning and at 1/2 at night, for five days... And  wouldn't you know, after the second day, he was starting to act like  Clyde once again... but that's not the end of my story.

While my husband was at the vet with Clyde, he made an appointment for our other dog Ralph.  Only when the vet asked my husband what our other dog's name was, he said  with a straight face LUMPLARD.. well needless to say the vet almost fell off his chair laughing. .

Of course. I  was the one who nicknamed him that, since he started putting on a lot of weight, which I know the vet will say something about that,  but what can I say, Ralph, Lumplard,  Ralph, loves to EAT..

Now after this hysterical episode was over, the girl at the front desk asked my husband, when would he like to make an appointment for our other dog, and then asked for his  name, and again with a straight face my husband said, L U M P  L A R D.

The girl didn't know how to respond, then said, oh, it's spelled like lumplard... because honestly, I never heard of such a name, and started  cracking up....poor Ralph..

So now imagine this.  When my husband brings Ralph to the vets this week, and he's in the examination room, and the vet walks in and says, " Hi Lumplard how are you today?" Could you keep a straight face.. I don't think so.., and  how do you think my dog will react... you guessed it, he'll just look at him with this perplexed look on his face, and wonder why he's calling him LumpLard,  when his name is Ralph, and probably think the vet is somewhat confused..

Well I guess the vet will get the hint, when Lumplard doesn't respond, or give him a kiss... and then we'll all be in a

So for me this soon to be visit with the vet, will always be FOREVER YOUNG