Saturday, January 29, 2011


Now that I've given you one example of Forever Young, I'll give you another.

My mom, who is eighty-seven, still walks to the store everyday, cooks, does the laundry and takes care of my brother, This comes from working hard all her life. She was a waitress for sometime, and for many years worked in a taylor shop, while raising three kids on her own.  She did the best she could for a single parent.

And yes my mom is still pretty feisty, and I'm so lucky to have her here. Though as mother's and daughter's go, we still get into our little cat and dog fights, but the scratches hurt less, and the bark is not so harsh, but of course when I was younger, I felt my world was fallen apart, and I was scarred for life, but scars heal eventually, and the ones that don't disappear, remain a very dull ache.

And now I have a daughter, grown up,  but will always be my little girl, and yes we  do have our little squabbles, but we also have a great relationship.

So I look at my mom and say FOREVER YOUNG.