Saturday, January 21, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/no regrets

I'm working on a short story and hope to have it finish in time,  As everyone knows this business can be pretty fickle, and many of the projects I've done, I did it on my own without the help or the connections  That means I've written, produced and directed my own low budget films and managed to get one film on public television..... of course no pay, but it was the prestigiousness of seeing my work come alive for everyone to see...  visit YOU TUBE  mpeirs channel..    "Illusion", "The Price of an Egg Sandwich", "A Short Step Back Into The Past, (Lenape Park, and The Absecon Lighthouse".  You can type those words in as well..... 10min video of each film can be seen..

Sometimes I wish, I had started younger and  lived where it's all happening, to fulfill that creative juices flowing through my mind and body. But I have no regrets of the life I've chosen.

I have three beautiful grown up children, and a husband that drives me nuts sometimes, but love him after thirty some years.. ummm now I'm really given away  my age....but that's okay, it's only a number right, so what if I had a late start, better late then never.... and in fact according to doctor's statistics people are living to a 100 years old.... now that's a miracle.  And as long as I'm still in good health, then I wouldn't mind that.  Would You?

Still I have to admit, there are days when I just feel like given up the whole creative venture, but how can you give up something that's part of you.. I just have to learn that I'm writing for myself, and not for others, and then maybe the words will find their way into my computer, and hopefully for someone to read.... but that shouldn't be the reason to write, am I right?

So I will try to abide by my own words, and keep moving on and see where the road will take me....