Tuesday, August 23, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/a day with my husband

Monday usually a day to pay bills and buy food... ugh....but this Monday was different. My husband and I spent some quality time together.

It was just nice having nothing to do, or think about for one day. If we could give that gift to ourselves once a month, that would be great,   But sometimes that's an impossible feat. So we grab what we can, and appreciate it.

We took a walk down memory lane. We laughed about all the silly things that happened, and remembered all the treasured moments of raising our wonderful children, who are now all grown up and on their own.

We ate food that wasn't good for us, but of course we rationalized, it wouldn't kill us for one day.. And happy to report, it didn't..

And as the years goes by, I'm sure we'll keep remembering the days past, which will keep us young in mind, the body, well I'm not so sure about, and the fact that as I get older, I won't look in the mirror ever again........ okay maybe I'll peek a little...  so I guess I am a little vain...but who isn't....

Yes Monday was a great day, but like all good things, it had to end, but then again, there's always next month, right?  We just have to work harder to make it happen..or else...lol..

So for me, spending a day with my husband, made me feel