Monday, April 4, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/I had a fight with my Sunday chicken

I had a fight with my Sunday chicken. That's right. Do you know what it's like trying to pull the giblets and neck, out of a  half frozen chicken.....with a steak knife no less..   If only I had my camera handy, because this would have made a great picture.

But I refuse to take all the blame. The Sunday chicken has to take some responsibility.
Because I took the chicken out of the freezer at 8am and it was still frozen at 4am.  That was eight hours....and it's not as if the chicken, was the size of a 13 pound turkey... it was all of 5 pounds, if that..

So between the microwave set on defrost, and running the chicken under cold water, and using my trusty steak knife,  the giblets and neck were finally set free...  and if that hadn't work, then Sunday chicken would have been Monday's dinner.

And after all that nonsense, I'm happy to say,  my Sunday chicken turned out absolutely delicious, in fact it just melted in your mouth.

When something like this happens, it just proves, no matter how long I've been doing something,  I'm never too old to laugh at myself. lol..

Cooking a chicken,  will always be FOREVER YOUNG