Sunday, August 21, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/Sunday a day to relax?

Sunday's usually a day of relaxation, yet sometimes it can be one of the most unpredictable days of the week. Especially if you think you're going to relax, and find that you have tons of work to do, before the week begins.

Maybe you forgot to do all the laundry, and absolutely need those slacks or top to wear for work,  or you ignored all the dishes that were left in the dishwasher, and there's not a clean one in the house, because everyone including you were too lazy to wash a dish, and now you have no choice.

Or the project you've been putting off for sometime, and now you have to rush and  get it finished because you realized it's due this Monday..

Ah  yes Sunday's might seem like a day to rest, but  really it starts the thinking cycle of what your week ahead will be like, and how you will solve one problem after another.......

And if you're not physically tired by catching up on all your chores today, you are mentally tired just thinking about everything you need to get finished before the week begins.

Yes Sundays you could be watching your favorite tv show, or catch up on the ones you missed all week, or root for your favorite sports team, and hope they come out the winner, or read that best seller book you've been meaning to, but never had time for.

Or have that great meal you've been wanting to cook, but didn't have time to make during the week, or have that backyard barbecue and invite all your family and friends, because during the week it's always impossible to get together.

And yes the clock keeps ticking and ticking away, and before you know it, it's the Monday Day Blues.

So please take the time to relax, even if it's for an hour or two, which can make a big difference in your mood..

Because for me Sunday's will always be FOREVER YOUNG.