Monday, January 23, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/the couch saga continues and continues ..

Well you won't believe this, but the couch I ordered for my mom back in November, has not come in yet, in fact I was told that it wouldn't be in until the end of this month, and needless to say, if it doesn't arrive by then, regardless of what THEIR policy is, I will demand my money back, and then report them to better business office, consumer affairs and then write a letter to the man guy..

I don't like to take such drastic measures, but I will.

If I had known it was a special order, which the salesperson insists she told me,  then why would I go into the store and tell her I wanted this couch for a Christmas gift for my mom.... and if she had told me that, I wouldn't have ordered the darn thing.  So we can go back and forth on this one, but I know what I said and what they told me.. This will make the third time this couch has been postponed... and I think I've been more then patient.

My mom is 88 years old, and now she's  not feeling well.. and this couch would have helped her sleep, given the state of her old couch... I am extremely upset and angry over this, and I will definitely do something about this, even after I get the couch, the letter will be sent, and I will no longer patronized that store, ever again.  Don't they know word of mouth carries a lot of weight...

So for me, this is something I will not turn my back on.... FOREVER YOUNG