Saturday, February 11, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/saturday, a snowy rainy day to just relax

Saturday, and it's a snowy rainy day.  A good day to just sit back and read a good book, or watch your favorite television show or movie.... or just spend the day in bed with your loved one, and eat breakfast, lunch or dinner in between....  don't think there is an age limit on this.. do you?  Unless you have small children, and this might be a difficult task to undertake, lol... so spend the day playing with them, games, etc. etc. etc... there is always time later, when they are in bed.....sound asleep, at least you hope they are..

Well given all of the above, I will be spending the day fine tuning my short story, for the last time...  I've only been working on this story for weeks, and it's only 500 words.... but oh those 500 words say a lot. and whatever happens, we shall see.... hopefully in my favor.... not asking much. Well maybe I am...

that's about it for now.. so for  all my loyal readers, have a great day, because you will always be FOREVER YOUNG..